Family Decides To Have Adopted Daughter’s DNA Tested, Results Has Everyone Scratching Their Head

Jan 15th, 2019

Ever heard the saying blood is thicker than water? For those who are still skeptical about the validity of that statement. This story might push you a step closer to believing. Life is indeed full of surprises and every day we are thrown jabs that confirms it over and over again. like this incredible story for example.

James and Staci Maneage have been married for twenty-three long years. The sweet couple has a loving relationship filled with so much joy and happiness. But things weren’t always as rosy. In fact, at some point in their relationship, they were unable to have kids. As time dragged on the couple considered various options including the possibility of adopting a kid.

James was ready for an adoption and promised his wife that if the problem persisted then they can go ahead and adopt a child. But miraculously things change and Staci was able to give birth to not just one but three beautiful kids. Matthew, Kyle, and Andrew.

James and Staci never forgot their promise to adopt a child and even though things were different and they now had kids of their own, they still wanted to adopt a child. Staci has always wanted to adopt a child from China if she was ever going to adopt a child so she put a call through to Hakkas from China on the prospect of adopting a child from there.

Finally, in January 2010 her dream came true and they got a call from China concerning a 10-year-old Chinese orphan girl who needed a Family. The only problem was that Eliana the Chinese girl suffered from a brain disorder and would need a lot of attention. This didn’t deter the couple who were all the more determined to bring in the little girl despite her condition.

They finally flew all the way to China to bring the girl home and she immediately became a part of their family. They took her as their daughter and their boys accepted the little girl as their sister.

Somewhere else in the same town fate was at work. Another couple, Paige and Steve Galbierz, who resided in the same town as James and Staci also adopted a 7-year old girl from China. Even though both families resided in the same neighborhood and attended the same church, none was aware of the other’s plan to adopt a Chinese girl.

But when Kinley arrived they discovered some shocking similarities between the pair. first Kinley like Elaina suffered from a brain problem as well. The pair was also extremely similar in appearance and behavior and could almost pass as sisters. But despite being from China, both of them were from different cities which reduced the chances of them being sisters.

what are the odds of a huge picking two random people from a country of over 1. 4 billion inhabitants and the pair of them would be siblings. Almost impossible right.

That was what their parents thought as well and they decided to leave the matter at first despite the striking similarities. But as the two girls grew closer and the similarities became even more obvious, they decided to get a DNA test to put the matter to rest once and for all. They took the two girls for a DNA test and were surprised at what they found.

There was a 99. 9% chance that they were sisters.

It was simply incredible despite not being adopted in the same city, the two sisters found their way to America and ended up being adopted by parents who lived just three minutes away from each other. The Meneages and Galbierzes were dumbfounded. Call it fate, call It a coincidence but this had to be one of the most incredible stories ever.

And it was a happy ending for Elliana and Kinley who ended up having more than one loving family.

Now the two sisters not only have a chance to grow up alongside each other but with they now have two loving families who can enjoy the love of raising the girls together. It is really a mysterious but heart lifting story.