Family Blessed With Rare One In A Million Birth

May 22nd, 2020

Babies are blessings to a family. And the birth of a child is truly a miracle. It is a life-changing moment that many people would want to have the chance to experience. Things are going to change drastically and there will be a lot of adjustments to do.

But everything is worth it. No moment is as precious as the birth of a child, and you becoming a parent. That is why when a couple is expecting a child, nothing can match the happiness that they feel for the unborn child.

And there are births that are more special than the others. Just like the birth of a one in 48 million. This is what happened to a Chicago family.

When Krysten Moreno learned that she was pregnant, everyone in the family did everything they could to prepare for the baby’s arrival. But it was not a usual pregnancy and Grandma Nadine Hugmeyer already had a feeling that the birth of this baby is going to be special. But they probably did not expect that Baby Aiden would be a one in 48 million chances.

It was not something about his appearance or any connection to the actual delivery. But yes, it was special.

When the baby was still inside the mom, Nadine would whisper to him that he needed to hold on until his mom’s birthday. And this is to continue a family pattern. This may seem ridiculous but it happens with this family. Baby Aiden’s birthday will not only coincide with his mom.

It was also his grandma’s birthdate. That means that when Aiden will be born on the day that they wished, then that would make the three generations in the family that share the same birthday.

Dine Leonard from Amita Health was present when Aiden was born. She said that she had never heard of something like this. The staff at the hospital then sang the trio a “Happy Birthday.” And during her interview with CBS2, Grandma Nadine said, “I think it was meant to be.”

Mom Krysten said that it had to be on purpose. It is a unique set of events but everyone knows that they will surely have a huge celebration every time. Three birthdays on the same day for three generations is definitely something that is worth celebrating.

And guess what, Baby Aiden is not the only one who beats 48 million to one odds. Another baby had the same fate but this time, she was born on the same day as her parents.

July 19th is the birth of Baby Mason parker. But this is also his mom, Jackie Parker’s 29th birthday, and dad’s 32nd birthday. This family is from Long Island, USA. And they revealed that it was a race against the clock to deliver their healthy 8lb 4oz baby boy as the minutes counted down to midnight.

The dad said, ‘When it looked like the baby was coming, the nurses called in the doctor. He didn’t know until one of the nurses told him. He said: ‘Which one?’ She says: ‘Both’. And he’s like: ‘We can have three birthdays today!'”

There is no doubt that the birthdays of these two babies will be celebrated extravagantly. There is surely a reason to celebrate big time. Because hey, they beat 48 million babies when they were born!