Faithful Dog Jumps On Ambulance To Follow Her Owner To The Hospital

Feb 22nd, 2021

Dogs are known for their loyalty and unconditional love towards their humans. And that special kind of bond and friendship is what this dog has proven for all the world to see.

While Anderson Bahi was driving home one night, he witnessed something that will always be etched in his heart and mind. It was a scene of love in its purest form that sometimes, we tend to forget that it still exists in this cruel world.

Bahi was on his way home when he saw an ambulance that stopped on the other side of the road. During his interview with The Dodo, he said, “I was passing in my car when I saw an ambulance stopped on the other side of the road.”

As it turned out, a man had fallen ill while he was out with his dog. When the first responders arrived, they immediately put the man in the ambulance to get him to the hospital. But then Bahi saw the man’s dog. He tried to hop onto the back of the ambulance to ride along with her owner.

It’s as if she was insisting that they take her, too. It was clear that the little dog was determined to stay by her owner’s side.

Thankfully, the crew noticed the dog before driving off. The crew opened the doors to let her in and she hopped on. The dog was willing to go wherever these strangers are bringing them, as long as she is with her human. Bahi could only watch from afar, but one thing was sure for him. He explained, “The love this dog has for her owner is something very special… A faithful love.”

But her sign of loyalty did not stop there…

Once the ambulance reached the hospital, they wheeled the man inside while his loving dog just sat there outside the door as if waiting for Dad’s return. There was no doubt that she was going to sit there until her owner comes right out from those doors.

Maria Lúcia Muniz, an animal rescuer who lives by the hospital, learned about the dog. She saw how the pooch was sitting there waiting for her owner. So she offered to take her in for the night. But it seems like the dog was not going anywhere.

Thankfully, the dog’s wait wasn’t long. And sure enough, her faithfulness and loyalty to her owner paid off.

Muniz shared, “It was very emotional. But thank God, the owner was only hospitalized for 45 minutes. His family arrived to take him and his dog home.”

After 45 minutes of patiently waiting, he was cleared to leave. His family arrived to take him and his dog back home.

They say that no matter how some people treat their dogs, their pets will remain loyal to them. That is why they are called “Man’s best friend.” They truly are going to be your best friend if you feel the same for them.

This pooch has proven to us all that dogs can form a bond with humans, a friendship like no other. No matter what dog breed you choose to have, shower them with lots of love. Give them everything that they need. That’s the least that we can do for these amazing creatures.