If You Ever See This Weed Growing In Your Yard, Leave It Alone. Here’s Why

Sep 14th, 2021

No one likes an overgrown yard. Which is why many homeowners are spending hours trying to get rid of weed in their yard to make it look nice. Any plant that wasn’t intentionally planted is most time, is obtained rid of. But as we are now starting to discover, some plants exist in nature which is considered as weeds by many but can be quite beneficial.

One of such plants is Purslane. Although this plant looks like the regular unwanted visitor in your yard, you should think twice before wiping it out with a weed whacker. While most of us despise weeds, this is one plant you will just want to save rather than destroy because of its many potential benefits. Here are seven reasons you shouldn’t destroy Purslane if you find it in your yard.

1. It is a rich source of potassium: Research has shown that this “weed” contains about 250 milligrams of potassium, an essential element the human body needs. Because Purslane is rich in potassium, it can potentially reduce blood pressure and help with anxiety. It is also highly recommended for athletes because it helps your body recover faster after a workout.

2. Purslane fits perfectly into your meal plan: this fibrous weed contains only 16 calories, which means it is not a problem at all even if you are watching your carbs. It takes up an insignificant amount of your daily recommended calorie intake. Not to mention the fact that it tends to fill you up for a long period.

3. You can add it to your green smoothie: those who take green smoothies can testify to its many health benefits. Another great veggie you can add to your green smoothies is Purslane. So the next time you are preparing your smoothie, you can toss in some purslane leaves along with other ingredients like berries which have antioxidant properties.

4. Purslane is excellent for the eyes: it is rich in Vitamin A which has been proven to be quite beneficial to eyesight, and helps in developing strong bones and teeth and improves your body’s overall immunity.

5. It is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids: Purslane has a very high Omega-3 content. It contains more omega-3 than any other known leafy vegetable. Omega-3 helps in treating Insomnia, depression, and arthritis among other benefits.

6. It is becoming even more popular: more and more people are getting to know more about this incredible plant, and its reputation is fast changing from being a notorious weed to a favorite item on the menu in many top restaurants.

While not everyone will find the flavor exactly desirable, because of if bold peppery taste similar to that of arugula when paired with the right dish it can be quite tasty as well.

7. Purslane is also rich in calcium. This element is quite important especially for those who lead a generally active lifestyle. Asides its popularity with building strong bones and teeth, calcium also contributes to the health of major organs like the heart and even general health of the muscles and nerves. It is also known to protect the body against cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

You probably won’t look at purslane the same way again after reading about this incredible plant. As a bonus point, you can also consider the fact that it is always there all around you which means it is cheaper than regular vitamins. You probably want to get into your yard right now to find some Purslane.