Engaged Couple: Born On Same Day, At Same Hospital Discover Even More Bizarre Coincidences

Aug 10th, 2018

In today’s world of fast internet, everything has gone online even. New relationships are born every seconds within just seconds with simple swipes of the screen. For those who search online for love, there is absolutely no way of knowing who is on the other side of the screen.

But when you have that special someone that you both have common interests and maybe they will just things off and something awesome will brew before you know it.

When Jamie Frantz and Anthony Burkett went on the tinder app in search of love, they most have hoped for someone they have things in common with, but never would they have ever imagined the kind of similarities and coincidences that was about to come their way.

Their profiles on the app said little about what to expect, but luckily for the two of them they ended up taking a swipe in the right direction. And set out on a journey towards knowing each other better,

The two got talking as their conversation moved off tinder. As the duo started chatting on iMessenger, they started getting an idea of how much they have in common.

Jamie noticed anthony’s email address “burkette11493” and the number suffix behind the name struck a chord with her. Jamie reasoned that the number was probably a birthday. It wasn’t uncommon for people to add important names especially their birthdays to their email address.

But this turned out to be more than just a date. The reason why the date caught Jamie’s attention was because that date was her birthday. Interestingly it was Anthony’s birthday too.

Just when the idea of sharing the same birthday began to sink in, they realised something else that dropped a clue that there might be something else in their relationship that meets the eye.

Not was January 14 1993 the birthday for both Antony and Jamie, the duo realised that they had been raised not more than 20 miles apart from each other. But there were even more coincidences on the way which the couple had no idea about yet..

Call it fate or destiny; the two love birds discovered other interesting coincidences. They might have shared the same nursery when they were born. Not only were Anthony and Jamie born on the same day, they were delivered in the same hospital.

They were born 25 years earlier just hours apart at the East Jefferson Hospital in Louisiana. It doesn’t get spookier than that does it?

The similarities and strange series of coincidence these two shared was enough to perk their interests and get them interested in each other, by the time the duo got to know each other there was just so much connection between them they two were drawn to each other almost instantly.

Soon after they started dating, they began to notice even more and more coincidences they shared. It all started to sound a little bit too coincidental. Theirs wasn’t looking like a mere chance meeting written on tinder, it was definitely the stuff of fairy tales.

Jamie and Anthony, who are devout Christians and firmly believe that with the way things has turned out between them, there was an invisible hand playing matchmaker that day. You can choose to call it fate or destiny but they believe it was all God’s plan all the way.

It doesn’t just end there Watch the video below and discover other coincidences in this beautiful love story written in the clouds.