Man Pranks His Mom And Feeds Her A Rubber Drumstick For Dinner

By E'vone Starks

Pranking a loved one never gets old. Who better to target than the cutest, most gullible member of your family?  A guy, who, based on his mother’s reaction, has probably been pulling pranks since his early youth, has kept the fun going by switching out his mother’s chicken with a rubber toy version.

He sets the stage perfectly for his prank by encouraging his mother to sit down for dinner.  He had her plate set, the silverware and napkin were correctly positioned on the table and the chair was even pulled out enough so that she could easily slide in.  Sounds like a mother’s dream, right?  Her son even waited for her to be seated before taking a seat himself.  Amazing!  If we didn’t know any better, we’d be ready to hand the man an award for being the sweetest son of the year.  Poor mom, she has no idea what’s coming.

When watching the video, you’re sure that she’ll notice that something is off with her chicken.  After all, a rubber drumstick doesn’t exactly feel like a real one.  Perhaps it was the reassurance she got from her son when he took a bite of his own drumstick that made her ignore her inner suspicions.  Whatever the case, she grabbed the chicken, positioned it for optimal feasting and took a bite.   Much to her surprise, the juicy, mouth-watering bite that she was expecting to experience was replaced by a loud “squeeeaaaak”.

The mother was completely flabbergasted by her meal.  Her son, on the other hand, could hardly contain his laughter after seeing that he had successfully tricked his mother.  Fortunately, the woman was able to find some entertainment in her son’s antics.  She let out a slight chuckle and said, “Very funny”.

It’s obvious that this wasn’t the first time that she had fallen victim to one of her son’s pranks.  If he knows what’s good for him, he’d better watch out.  His mother might be plotting her revenge!

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