Watch Domestic Violence Survivor React to Dentist Surprising Her With New Free Smile

Watch Domestic Violence Survivor React to Dentist Surprising Her With New Free Smile

By Regina Young

It was a Texas dentist who captured this beautiful moment which he considers the most touching moment in his seven-year career on video after he fixed the smile of a victim of domestic abuse.


Kyleigha Scott was getting her wisdom teeth removed at Marshall Family Dental when dentist Dr. Kenny Wilstead asked what caused the chip in her front tooth.

The 28-year-old explained, “I had my sister’s 2-month-old daughter with me, we were laying down in bed.  He comes home, and he decides to come inside the room and head-butt me”.  She was hoping to get it fixed when she got her tax return.  It was then that Dr. Wilstead offered to fix the tooth right then and there, for free!

“Whenever I look at people’s smile, I envision what it should look like and could look like. I took out her wisdom tooth pretty quick. She was brand new, I didn’t know her before that,” Dr. Wilson said to  He then went to say that the whole procedure didn’t take long at all.  “It took 10 minutes to do the whole thing; it’s a composite bond. It’s a white filling.”

After finishing up with her teeth, he captured an emotional video of her reacting to seeing her brand new smile.

Kyleigha’s before & after:



And here she loving is with her new smile:



She went back to social media where she posted a video explaining the situation when she then said her boyfriend’s life came to a halt.  “He followed me for a while after the incident.  A few months later he was killed by somebody.  A drug thing gone wrong.”

If you or a loved one needs help regarding sexual assault or domestic violence of any sort, don’t hesitate to call to be connected with a trained staff member in your area. 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

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