Dog Dumped At Shelter Because He Went Through His Owners Garbage

Jan 12th, 2021

If you have dogs and you consider them as part of your family, it breaks your heart to find other pet owners treat their own dogs poorly. They feel like it is their responsibility to protect them.

Sadly, this is not what happened to 2-year-old Coby. His owners just got rid of him that easily without looking back by leaving him at a shelter. Why? His owners got tired of him always rummaging through the garbage bins. And to avoid having to deal again with his uncontrollable habits, they punished the pooch by abandoning him at the shelter.

Shelter volunteer Samira El-Hage‎ shared a video online of this scared dog on their ‘Friends of Fairfield County SC Animal Shelter’ Facebook page. The clip shows how the poor pup was cowering in the corner probably wondering why he is all alone with strangers and his owners were nowhere to be found.

With the post, Samira wrote: “I had no idea he was a surrender… surrendered because he kept getting into the trash. . I thought he was picked up as a stray. That explains why he is scared out of his mind… almost like a feral dog would be… but not once did he growl, or try to bite.

He wanted to hide under the raised bed or run away when we got outside. He kept trying to chew the leash and would not look at us, he had to be carried out and carried back in… and he just stands in that corner facing the wall. ”

According to the story shared by The Dodo, Samira El-Hage‎ wasn’t the only one moved by Coby’s sad situation. Even the founder of Compassion For Cats of Delaware, Leigh Maddox, also learned about Coby. she could not fathom the thought of how a family would heartlessly abandon their loving pet, and for such reason.

She knew that she had to do something to help. So she immediately planned her nine-hour trip just to get to Coby and bring him to his new home in Delaware. This would have been an impossible feat but thanks for the help of a charity, Pilots N Paws, Coby was transported over safely to his loving new foster mom, Olivia Fritz.

During an interview with The Dodo, Maddox said, “He tugged at my heartstrings and I instantly knew we had to pull him [from the shelter].”

Since then, Fritz looked after Coby and slowly but surely he started learning to love his new life. After a month under her care, Coby was still shy and shaken, but his foster mum was there for him every step of the way. She did everything she could to help him to get to a good place before he can be ready for his forever home.

Fritz explained, “My personal dogs have ALWAYS been trash diggers and we as a family have come up with creative ways to help with that behaviour. This is what a family should do when they own dogs – not dump them in a shelter. The entire story just broke my heart. He is super special to the rescue and he will get nothing but the best home when he is ready!”

We are also hoping that Coby will finally build up his confidence even more and find the permanent and fur-ever home he deserves.