Doctors Remove 30 Pounds Of Poop From Man Who Had Problems For 22 Years

Feb 13th, 2020

Have you ever had trouble going to the bathroom at times? But can you imagine having constipation problems for a long time?

This can be very frustrating. For sure you will do everything that you can, even go to the doctor if it continues to happen. But for this man, he suffered from constipation for 22 years! This may sound unreal, but this actually happened to this man who had Hirschsprung’s disease.

Hirschsprung’s disease can affect your large intestines or color. It will make it difficult to pass stool. This disease is usually present at birth or diagnosed later on in life. This congenital condition is caused by a missing nerve cell that is responsible for a bowel movement.

This disease is typical in infants and is immediately diagnosed with this condition if they fail to have a bowel movement within 48 hours after birth. It is a rare condition that affects one in ever 5,000 babies.

In a healthy digestive tract, the food and waste move through the intestines through peristalsis or the involuntary muscle contraction. But for those with Hirschsprung’s disease, peristalsis stops which affects a huge part of the large intestines. When the waste ends up sitting in your colon, it can cause the organ to swell and if left long enough, it can turn to ‘megacolon.

’ If this happens, there is a huge risk that the color will tear or perforate. When it happens, bacteria will be released that can cause life-threatening shock or sepsis.

Hirschsprung’s disease can be treated by surgically removing the affected part of the colon that has no nerve cells. If not discovered upon birth, some children are diagnosed with the disease after showing symptoms such as a swollen belly, malnutrition, and chronic constipation.

Dr. David Roselfield of The Doctors explained that it is unlikely that this man never used the bathroom for 22 years. But he was sure that the man had a hard time going. For 22 years, the waste that he couldn’t pass started to build up to the point that he had 30 pounds of poop inside his body!

However, this man is already way past his childhood. He was admitted to the hospital and was in really bad shape. He was very weak, he could barely talk, and he was moaning in pain. He also had difficulty breathing. According to the doctors, his abdomen was so distended that he looked like he was nine months pregnant!

He told the doctors that he had been suffering from constipation all his life. To relieve his pain, he would use laxatives. His parents never thought that this was a serious health issue. The doctors were able to remove almost 30-inches of swollen large intestines inside his body that weighed 13 kilograms or 28.6 pounds. It was filled with feces that has been collecting in there since he was born.

Yin Lu of Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital said that his belly looked like it could explode anytime. The surgery just saved the man’s life. It took three hours for a part of his colon to be removed.

Thankfully, the man’s expected to fully recover.

Let us keep our GI tract healthy by eating more fiber regularly! If you are a parent and your child constantly suffers from constipation, have it checked right away.