Doctors Find 9 Pounds Inside Deer That Died Of Starvation

Jul 31st, 2020

Plastic pollution has always been a problem. It is one of the biggest problems that we have to deal with that is polluting our rivers and oceans that results in the death of the fishes and other sea creatures. We always hear stories about how plastic is harming our sea animals. This is one of the causes of the decrease in the number of turtles, whales, and even our fishes.

This is where most of the focus is on at the moment, but little did we know that even our land animals are also suffering from plastic. It seems like the ocean life is not the only one affected by plastics. Even the land animals are now in danger.

This is proven to be true by the story from the Nara park.

You probably heard about this beautiful park in Japan. This is located in Nara, one of the amazing cities in Japan. The park is being visited by over 1 million people a year, in any given year not only because of its beauty. One of the attractions here is the deers that inhabit the park.

But on May 24th, something happened that saddened all deer-lovers. A female deer died. This might not seem unusual, but the thing is, this case was difficult.

The deer at Nara park is considered sacred by many people. This is because of the Shinto religion. Even though they do not worship the deer, they respect them. Many people learned that it’s the tourists who are killing them.

Not literally by guns or hunting, but the litter and the pollution that is brought about by millions of people that come here to visit, in addition to the overfeeding that they also do. Some deers here have learned to be hostile towards humans.

One of the problems that the park has to deal with that they found is the major danger to these deers, are the use of clear plastic.

The female deer died in May, but she was not the only one who had to suffer for unknown reasons. In fact, since March 2019, 8 deers have also died. According to autopsies, excessive plastic consumption was one of the major causes of the death of at least 6 of those deers that died.

According to her watchers, the female deer appeared to be starving before she passed away. The veterinarians at the Nara Deer Park were watching over this 17-year-old female. She started to get weak and she appeared to be malnourished. They did try to nurse her back to health, but she refused to eat.

The next day, the female deer died. The vets were curious as to what caused the starvation of the 66-pound deer because for sure, it was not because of a lack of food.

When the vets opened up her stomach after she was dead, it revealed the sad truth. The vets found almost 9 lbs of plastic in her gut!

Deers are chewing their cud. And it seemed like for this poor deer, she continued to try to digest the plastic. It continued to build up in her stomach until it resulted in her death. Deers have a very strong sense of smell and they know if there is food inside the plastic. And when they do, they will eat even the plastic along with the food.

Now, the Nara Deer Park designed a special environmentally-friendly food bags that tourists can use. They hope that these eco-bags can help reduce plastic pollution inside the park.