How To Make A DIY Welcome Mat!

By Patrick Dangermond

Add a touch of DIY magic when you welcome people into your home! You can turn your welcome mat from ordinary into extraordinary with a couple items you probably already have!


This mat is an adorable accent to your spring/summer festivities. To make it, you’re going to need:

– A Coir door mat

– Painter’s tape

– Paint and brush


Start by making a design out of the painter’s tape on your mat. If you’re making a design like the one above, you might need a ruler to keep it straight. You should also consider starting from the outside in to keep things even.


Now comes the fun part: the painting! Get your different paints ready and paint each section with different colors. The mat material might make it hard to for even brush strokes so you can stamp it into the mat.


After the paint dries, remove the painter’s tape and put it out in front of your house!


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