Divorced Mom Is About To Board A Plane. Then Son Sees Dad Walking Fast Towards Them

Oct 10th, 2018

Whenever a marriage ends in a divorce there are a lot of people affected. Its even more serious when the couple involved have kids between them. They are the ones whose life is more profoundly affected by the divorce.

Everything the children do together as a family is now torn between both of their parents and it is always hard to bring balance in the midst of all the confusion. Co-parenting is usually the only solution out of this mess. For parents that are able to pull it off successfully, it is the only way to keep a family together functionally so that the kids can enjoy some level of normalcy.

In co-parenting, the divorced parents in question will have to make a decision to support and respect each other so that they can enjoy a healthy and happy relationship with their kids despite not being together.

Of course co-parenting can be tough too and might require both parties to reach concessions just to make their kids happy. But the family in this story is a perfect example of parents playing it mature and keeping it together for the sake of their kids. Laura Dee and her ex-husband have been divorced, but they both have gotten a hang of effective co-parenting and keeping their children happy no matter what.

When it comes to raising their kids, the estranged couple knew that no sacrifice was too much to make their kids happy so they did something most divorced couple would never dream of doing together. Dee and her ex-husband came up with a wonderful plan to make their kids happy.

“As parents seeing our children upset is hard, all we want is to make our children happy. Co-parenting is hard for many people but we are proud of what we have achieved with bringing our children up,” Dee told Daily Motion.

The best part of their plan was making it a total surprise for Darcie and Callum, their kids. Dee simply told them they were going on a vacation. The family was headed for Cyrus. But while they were waiting in their airport for their flight, the kids’ dad appeared out of the crowd.

It was a total surprise to the pair who never expected that their dad would be going with them on the trip. But they were so happy when they saw him that they gave him big hugs. It was even a bigger moment for them when they were told he would be joining them on the trip.

They were so shocked that they broke down in tears. The parents should be applauded for learning to put aside their differences and giving their kids such a remarkable gift. It is obvious that they were really touched by it.

Even though divorce is not a good thing and no child should ever have to face it, many parents can borrow a leaf from this couple’s life and put their kids first this way by learning to co-parents like Dee and her ex-husband did. It has a lot of positive effects on their kids. It makes them feel loved and shows them that their emotions really matter. This will have various positive effects on their developments, improve their self-esteem and help parents and children enjoy a richer relationship with each other.

These are just a few of the many advantages of effective co-parenting.