Disturbing Footage Showing Doctors Yanking Out Creature From Patients Ear

Aug 5th, 2022

This just shows why proper ear hygiene is important.

Just recently, a doctor who works in Malaysia shared a piece of video footage in which an unusual procedure was performed, and it resulted in a live tick being found in the ear canal of a patient.

In the video, we see Dr. Rahmat, who is 49 years old and who works as a surgeon, especially in infections regarding the nose, throat, and ear in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, getting rid of the tick, which was lodged deep into the ear canal of the patient.

It’s gross, but it’s also true.

Omar revealed that he was more than shocked when he made the discovery that the foreign object that was lodged in his patient’s ear was, in fact, a tick. He was most probably even more shocked to find out that the tick was still alive and healthy.

When he was done with the procedure the doctor said, “The patient was in a lot of discomforts when he came in to see me. He said that he was feeling some pain in his ear, and that he thought he had some kind of infection. I could see the expression of happiness on their faces as I was in the process of removing the tick.

This is without a doubt the first time in my career that I would be seeing this, and I sincerely hope that I never get to do it again in my career. ”

How that kind of a creature must have gotten into the patient’s ear is truly the guess of anyone. However, one fact that a lot of people seem to agree upon is that the man most probably had some sort of poor physical hygiene, and that was what must have led to the tick getting into his ear.

In case you might not know, the ears are a very important organ inn the human body. Apart from the obvious function of hearing that they provide they are also responsible for balancing the body, which will go a long way in determining how well a person is able to move.

To wit, it is very essential that you practice proper ear hygiene so as to keep them free of any particles (especially the ones that could live, die, and then decay).

Ensure that you get your ears cleaned regularly, and try as much as possible to avoid incessantly putting anything into them. Also, in order to preserve the proper functioning of your ear, make sure to only pick them with cotton buds. Avoid bringing your ears in contact with things like pins, pens, needles and any other object that could break off, impale the ears.

Apart from the bleeding that all of these can cause, they can also affect the functionality of the ears, which will go on to cause a wide array of issues. Concerning the cotton buds as well, you also need to make sure that the buds are of good quality. Buds of poor quality can end up leaving particles in your ears and these particles can also cause decay.

All in all, remember that prevention is always better than cure. Keep your ears clean, and you won’t have to look on as a live tick is being pulled from out of them one day.