Dennis Quaid says Christianity helped him through addiction, plans gospel album

Veteran actor Dennis Quaid, renowned for his role in “The Parent Trap”, has opened up about his faith and battle with addiction as he unveils his new Christian album, “Fallen: A Gospel Record For Sinners.” The 69-year-old star shared that his newfound commitment to Christianity was instrumental in overcoming a cocaine addiction in the ’90s that threatened his life and career.

In a candid interview with People for its August cover, Quaid spoke about having a “white light experience” during his lowest point. This moment of self-realization, where he envisioned himself dead, in jail, or having lost everything, catalyzed a significant shift in his life and led him back to Christianity.

Born and raised in Texas, Quaid confessed to having grown up as a Christian. Still, he didn’t truly connect with the faith until his struggle with addiction forced him into rehab, prompting a spiritual awakening. His search for fulfillment after overcoming addiction led him not only to rekindle his relationship with Christianity but also to explore other religious texts like the Bhagavad Gita and the Quran. Quaid reflected that, post-addiction, individuals need something potent to fill the void left by the harmful substances, and for him, faith filled that gap.

The acclaimed actor acknowledged the struggle for joy in life, observing how drugs and alcohol can offer a quick but temporary illusion of happiness, ultimately becoming more of a problem than a solution. Quaid believes that the real “joy of life” lies in our inherent relationship with God.

The forthcoming album, set to be released on Friday, will not be conventionally religious, according to Quaid. Instead, it will be self-reflective and self-examining, mirroring his personal journey. He expressed that everyone has a relationship with God, irrespective of their religious affiliation.

Now in a much happier place, Quaid, who wed Laura Savoie in 2020, admitted that he is the happiest he has ever been and is no longer chasing ephemeral happiness. His faith and personal growth have led him to a state of contentment, influencing his work on the new album, which stands as an homage to the faith that he believes saved him.