Deer Visits Town Each Year Suddenly Appears With An Arrow Lodged In Its Head

Apr 6th, 2021

Deers are very timid and shy animals. Some people think that they are hostile, but they only attack when they are being threatened. They usually steer clear of places where are plenty of people.

But not this deer. It is very friendly to humans and he loves interacting with them, especially this family. And they call him “Carrot.”

This family is not the only one who loves Carrot. In fact, the community of Kenora Canada fell in love with him too. But out of the many people that Carrot has interacted with, he is very fond with Lee-Anne Carver.

Carrot would visit her often and he would always wander outside of her home. And like other deers, Carrot and his family also migrate each year. And when they did, Lee-Anne didn’t see him anymore. For years, Carrot became a memory, until he visited them two years ago.

In late 2019, Carrot came back!

And this time, he was still very friendly. People of Kenora were very happy to see him again, especially the kids. With his return, Lee-Anne Carver was also glad that she was able to spend more time with Carrot. And like the last time, Carrot migrated again with the rest of his herd. But they knew that they would see him again soon.

In late 2020, Carrot returned to Kenora. But this time, Lee-Anne Carver knew that something was terribly wrong.

Carrot appeared at her lawn and she instantly noticed that he was badly injured. He was walking around looking fine but she noticed that this poor deer had an arrow lodged in his head!

She knew that if she doesn’t act quickly, thsi can put the deers’ life in danger. So Lee-Anne called a local expert to see what they could do. They were advices to keep the arrow in place because removing it could cause severe bleeding. They were also not advised to cut it because the splinter could cause Carrot even more damage.

The Ministry of Natural Resources in Canada got involved. They tranquilized Carrot and attempted to remove the arrow safely. After careful planning, they were able to remove the rest of the arrow from its head. They made sure to sterilize the wound and gave Carrot some antibiotics to speed up the healing. After that, they could only hope that it would be enough to save him.

Thankfully, Carrot woke up but Lee-Anne knew that he was not out of the woods yet. Over the next few days, Lee-Anne made sure to keep a close eye on the deer.

And in no time, Carrot started to recover from his injury. The next few days after, he became his old friendly self again. Lee-Anne knew that this time, she was confident that he was going to pull through. When he was well enough, he joined his deer herd in migrating.

Lee-Anne was glad that Carrot came back and gave them a chance to help him. If he didn’t come back that day, he would not have survived the damage that the arrow might’ve caused. And while he is gone for now with his herd, the people of Kenora are hopeful that soon, he will return and would continue to visit them every year.