Daughter Is Confused Why Boy Visits Her Grandma 5x Times A Day. His Response Has Her Besides Herself

Dec 6th, 2018

Being aged comes with its many downsides. It is a particularly lonely period for most seniors. You can imagine how much help it would be if they can get someone can look out for them during this period. Such a person would no doubt be a guardian angel.

That was exactly what a first grader by the name Caleb was for his 78-year-old neighbor, Wilma Bray. He was her guardian angel and the two had become the best of friends.

Caleb would go and visit bray several times during the day just to make sure she is ok. Darrien Middleton, Bray’s grandmother who was impressed and happy about Caleb’s help and his friendship with her aged nana, took a photo of the pair and shared it on Facebook. She posted the picture with the caption:

“Just wanted to shed some light in this dark world we live in. This kid comes and visits my grandmother everyday… 4-5 times a day. He just told me it was to check on her, to make sure she wakes up from all her naps. My heart can’t take this.” She wrote on her Facebook page

It turned out everyone was just as impressed by Caleb’s actions and the post ended up going viral and was shared more than 146 thousand times.

According to Middleton, he grandmother has lived in the neighborhood for close to 4 decades and growing up, she has been very close to her. The bond between the pair is stronger now more than ever. Despite being diagnosed with multiple cancer cases; Middleton is glad to still have her beloved grandmother around.

She told Love What Matters, “She was diagnosed with lung cancer two years ago. After going through with surgery to remove a part of her lung, six months later she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Two separate cancers less than a year apart, it has been an extremely long two years, to say the least. Thankfully, she is still fighting today,”

Middleton has tried severally to get her grandma to move in with her, but the old woman has been so attached to her neighborhood that she refused on every occasion.

“Unfortunately, she is just as stubborn as I am and has refused that offer many times. The main reason, she has lived in her house for 38 years this Thanksgiving and it is the one thing that has remained constant,” she said. “She loves her home, her independence, her yard, and especially her neighbors.

Every morning around 6 am, she wakes up, makes a cup of coffee, and goes directly to her porch. ”

Middleton was a very busy woman, she works full time in the emergency department at a hospital and hardly got time to visit her grandma the way she wanted to. Between her work and taking her grandmother to the hospital for her treatment, it was very hard to make extra time to watch over the woman the way she was meant to.

Thus, you can understand how thankful she is that her Grandma has such remarkable neighbors that look out for her.

“There are two women who live on both sides of her, and they have stepped up to help me get her to appointments and check on her throughout the day,” Middleton told Yahoo Lifestyle.

But the person that looks out for Bray the most is Caleb, Bray’s youngest neighbor who is especially close to her.

“They have lived next to each other for as long as I can remember. The first time Nama and Caleb ever interacted was over an extra plate of food Nana had made and given to him,” Middleton explains. “You would have thought Nana had given him a $100 bill.

He was so grateful and thankful for a steak dinner. Caleb has recently moved in with his grandmother and his dad, along with his two other brothers. ”

Caleb is such a ray of sunshine to Middleton and her grandma. With Neighbours like this, Bray will definitely be able to weather the storm and survive her cancer. Hopefully, she gets to stay around for a few more years. That’s definitely what Middleton and her loving neighbors want.