Dad Takes Young Girl To A Shopping Spree After Finding Out His Daughter Bullied Her

Feb 13th, 2020

When it comes to bullying, parents should not take this for granted. They should be vigilant when it comes to their children’s behavior. No parent would want to be a mom or a dad of a bullied child, nor they want to be the parent of the bully.

As a parent, you expect your child to be doing good at school, not only with their studies but also with how they treat their peers.

When Randy Smalls learned how his daughter Re’onna was treating a classmate, he knew that he should not let this pass. This father from South Carolina was not just going to sit down and let her daughter mock another classmate named Ryan Reese.

During his interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, later on, he said, “I say, ‘When you laugh along, you’re co-signing the bullying.”

Smalls knew what it was like to be bullied because this was his traumatic experience when he was just a boy. So he knew that being a 7th grader is not easy, especially if you are being bullied by your peers. So he decided to take action. He reached out to Reese’s mom who happened to be best of friends with his wife.

He offered to take that girl shopping. He did this because he wanted to help the girl so that this issue will not happen again in the future.

When Smalls’ daughter found out what her dad did, of course, she got upset. Not only because her dad took her victim to a shopping spree, but he also spent the money which was supposed to be for her new clothes. He said, “My daughter was upset, especially because she is into fashion. So she came with us and helped pick out Ryan’s new clothes.”

But this girl eventually understood what her dad was trying to do. She learned that this was all part of her lesson. She realized that there is no way that her dad would reward her after what she did to her classmate.

Smalls shared that her daughters’ bullied victim got new shirts, pants, and shoes. But the surprise did not end there. He said, “We got her hair done and we’ll be paying for twice-a-month appointments until the end of the year.” Other than that, the local salons also reached out to donate their services to make sure that Reese would be able to maintain her new hairdo.

Reese’s mom was surprised by what Smalls did. She told Yahoo Lifestyle that her daughter had been struggling with her life. She just lost her dad, her granddad, and her aunt. She had been so much stress to the point that she started to have seizures.

This was a first for her and her daughter but she was incredibly grateful for what he did. She said, “This is the first time I have seen a parent take such a stance on bullying. I’m sorry that Re’Onna is going through it but he’s teaching her a lesson. ”

The 13-year-old also shared that she cried when she heard about Smalls’ offer. She said, “I wasn’t expecting it. I just started to cry. It (the bullying) was really sad for me because I had lost my grandpa, father, and aunt, and it really took me deep down in my depression.”

Smalls is glad that his daughter Re’onna definitely learned her lesson after what happened.