Dad Let 3-Year-Old Choose Outfit For Picture Day, Mom Smirks At Final Result

Sep 14th, 2020

Picture day is one of the most important days of the school year, probably not so much for the child, but it is for every parent. But for this dad, he probably did not see the urgency to prepare his kid for picture day at preschool. Or probably he thought that giving his child the free reign to choose whatever outfit the kid wants to wear is what he should do.

Austin Steinbach and his family live in Rocklin, California. They are a typical family but their daughter, Kaylieann Steinbach, is very special. She suffers from a medical condition that made her almost deaf. She was not born deaf, but she gradually lost 75% of her hearing on both ears. She has to wear a hearing aid, but this did not faze her to show her confidence every single time.

But her condition was not the reason why she became very popular all across the world. She did something at school that made her a local and international star!

This all started when she was getting ready for picture day at preschool. For this event, every parent prepares their kid because each one of them will be photographed. At first, Austin picked out three beautiful outfits for her cute 3-year-old daughter to choose from.

However, his sassy daughter refused to wear any of them. She wanted to choose what she wants to wear for her picture day at school. But she did not just wear any outfit. For some little girls, they would surely go for something pink and princess-like outfits. But not for Kaylieann.

She wanted to look her best so she went for something ‘super. ’ When she showed her dad what she wanted to wear, there is no doubt that he could not say no to her. And when Kaylieann reached school for her picture day, everyone was surprised to see what was wearing.

When Austin received her daughters’ picture day photo, he could not help but share it on Reddit for everyone to see what his daughter has been up to. But it was up until now that Kaylieann’s mom saw what she did that day. When they saw the picture, their cute daughter was proudly posing on her superhero outfit, clutching the Superman doll.

Later on, Austin shared that her daughter adores this superhero. He shared that Kaylieann brings it everywhere with her. She brings the doll to sleep, bathes with it, eats with it, and would even bring him to school.

When asked how the mom reacted when she saw their daughters’ picture, he said that she thought the photo was adorable.

Also, she did not get in trouble for wearing the superhero costume on picture day. Austin said, “Her school is amazing.” In fact, they always love and look forward to what Kaylieann will wear to school every day. This is not the first time that she wore a superhero outfit. She had also graced them with her spiderman, batman, and even Anna from Frozen.

He and partner Jami were both shocked by how quickly their daughters’ photo has gone viral. It was also shared on the site tens and thousands of times. Kaylieann is very unique in her own way and has quickly gained support from the community and the world online.