Courteney Cox’s Daughter Is Now All Grown Up And Is A Spitting Image Of Her

Mar 25th, 2020

Usually being born to parents that are in the limelight almost automatically sentence you to a life in the public glare right from the cradle. But not every celebrity parent readily flaunt their kids in front of the camera.

For Alum Courteney Cox and actor David Arquette, they have managed to keep their only daughter and the only child from their 14 years union which was dissolved in 2012 away from the screens for a fairly long time.

Their 14-year-old little girl has only made a public appearance a handful of times throughout her entire life. This isn’t to say she has stayed away from the spotlight completely, but she has only been subtly visible usually just seen tagging along with her parents to special celebrity events and movie premieres including the premiere of her mother’s directorial debut “just before I go” in 2015.

The teenager also made appearances in two recent video. Fans of her mother cannot help but make a comparison between her life and Cox’s big break when she starred in Bruce Springsteen’s video for Dancing in the Dark in 1984.

Coco’s first appearance on screen was in 2016 when she was just 12-years of age. She appeared in the music video of the Irish singer Foy Vance, who had sung the song titled “coco” inspired by her she starred in the video which was personally directed by her mom.

“From the first time Foy played ‘Coco’ for me — and every time I’ve heard it since — I’ve felt he captured, not only Coco’s unique personality but also the beautiful childhood innocence that sadly, but inevitably, fades with time,” Cox told People Magazine.

Coco appeared in another music video just a little over a year later. It was the video for Monogem’s “wild”. Her proud her father even shared a post on Instagram to celebrate his daughter’s achievements.

With her parent’s massive support, Coco is taking on the world her mother seems to believe that she can be a singer if she wanted to. She mentioned how good a singer Coco was during an edition of Ellen Degeneres show where she was interviewed.

“She’s a really good singer. I don’t know where she got it.”

We have to say, that Coco’s parent is really doing a great job of keeping her as shielded as possible form the public. as at now, the teenager doesn’t even have a public Social media accounts despite being part of some major projects. All we have seen are photos of her work being shared by her parent. Arquette had shared a picture of the not so little Coco in 2017 which he captioned “My Angel” on Twitter.

The picture was of her sitting at a restaurant. The comments on the picture showed the surprise of so many people to see her all grown up all of a sudden.

Coco also appeared at a fundraising event with her mother. The event was hosted by Dermot O’Leary to raise money for London Irish Centre charity. She came dressed in a purple hoodie, black crop top, and cut-off jeans. Cox says she and her daughter still get the typical teen-mother squabbles associated with the stage that she is but they are still very close all the same.

My angel

— David Arquette (@DavidArquette) August 11, 2017

“We bicker, let’s be honest, but we love each other. I would also describe it as, well, I am a [teenage] girl, you are a mom, and so I love you, but of course, we’re gonna get in fights. But we’re very close. Very close. I love you a lot.” Coco explained

We hope to see more of Coco in coming days; hopefully, she will grow into a bigger star than her parents ever were. We are sure they will be proud to see that happen.