Couple Married For 50 Years Can’t Recognize Each Other After They Both Get A Makeover

Aug 5th, 2022

Married couples who have been living together for decades know each other very well. And a simple haircut or a different hair color can never go unnoticed. You get to be at ease with how they look as you see them every day and would surely be in total shock when one day your husband or wife walks in looking like an unrecognizable person.

We have seen plenty of makeovers but nothing is quite the same as what happened to this couple.

Jo and Kevin Taylor have been in love since 1967. All throughout these years, they have developed some quirky jokes between them. However, aside from their undying love for each other, something remained the same up to this day – their 60’s style!

The couple has 5 children, 14 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. Despite all that, they remained the same as they were when they first met way back in the late 60s. Their looks never changed except for their white and gray hair. Their families have encouraged them to change their 60s look and update their style, Jo and Kevin remained stubborn and refused to change, but not until now.

TODAY celebrity makeover team helped Jo and Kevin have their once-in-a-lifetime makeover!

The ‘Ambush Makeover’ style team which is composed of Louis Licari and Jill Martin, was able to successfully transform these two from head to toe. They knew that the couple does not want to compromise their personal styles so they only gave them a refresh which will somehow help bring them into the 21st century. TODAY shared their video of this heartwarming makeover in February of last year.

When it went live, there is no doubt how it became viral.

The style team was able to totally transform Jo and Kevin’s look. TODAY wrote:

“This sweet couple has been married for 49 years, and while their love is not dependent on their looks, they’re ready for a refresh. Wait until you see what they look like after our Ambush Makeover team of Louis Licari and Jill Martin gets done with them!”

Jo and Kevin’s makeover video was viewed over a quarter million times and received over 100 comments. The video shows that for the big reveal, Jo came out first and she blew them away. However, this reveal is not over without showing how Kevin looks like now.

Then Kevin came out to surprise his beautiful wife with a bouquet of red roses. However, what caught everyone’s attention was how different he looked after the makeover.

His long, white beard is gone! When Jo turned to look at him she instantly said, “Oh, who are you!” They barely recognize each other. Compared to how they look before, they now looked younger and more confident with themselves.

For sure, it may take a while to get used to the new Jo and Kevin, but many believe that this is exactly what they need. We may get old but we should NOT look old. On the comments posted after the video was released, many are happy with how the couple was transformed. Viewers think that they deserve this pampering. Still, there are others who think that it was unnecessary.

Do you think Jo and Kevin deserve this makeover?