Couple Brings Their Rescue Dog To The Doctor And Are Taken Back When The Vet Raises Her Hands

Jun 11th, 2019

The life of a dog is hard, but it even harder for homeless dogs in a shelter. To an extent, their life depends on finding the perfect family to adopt them, even if the shelter gives them all that is needed regarding basic needs, any dog’s wish would still be finding the perfect forever home. A senior boxer by the name Boombox was alone and unwanted at the Carolina Boxer Rescue.

She had a sweet personality and was attractive looking. Workers at the rescue posted photos of her online in a bid to help her find the perfect family to adopt her, but sadly no one was interested in adopting the lovely dog.

When Tom and Jane Cannone arrived at the Carolina Boxer Rescue, an animal rescue serving the Carolinas as well as parts of Virginia, they were surprised it has taken such a long time to find a forever home for Boombox which seemed to be a lovely dog. The Cannones who live in Virginia had seen in the adoption photos of the dog that was placed online, and it was a shock that up till that moment no one had snatched the boxer up.

Closer scrutiny soon revealed the reason why no one wanted the dog up to that point. It seems the dog was probably deaf. Taking a dog to a new home is hard enough, bringing in a handicap one can be hard for new owners to imagine as such a dog would be harder to control and connect with.

But even after the Cannones heard about the old boxer’s situation. They still decided to adopt her.

The couple soon signed the necessary paperwork and took the senior boxer home with them in Norfolk. Boombox soon became part of their family, and contrary to expectations, it didn’t take long for the dog to settle in which made them think the dog most likely had kind owners in the past.

The dog soon took to her new homes, and her owners and the cannones loved their new gently and well behaved dog.

Unknown to the Cannones, there was a secret about their dog that no one knew about. They only got to know about it sometime later during a routine trip to the vet’s. They had told Layne Brett the Vet who was taking care of Boombox that their pet was deaf. He decided to experiment with the dog. With his hands, he motioned for the boxer to sit in dog sign language.

To their utter surprise, he obeyed. The Cannones were surprised to learn that their dead pet was quite fluent in sign language. He knew a lot of these signs and was able to perform commands according to instruction.

“When we hold a finger up and motion to her, she knows it’s time for her walk.”

Jane Cannones told The Virginian-Pilot.

The Cannones were happy about their dog. If only all the families that rejected her in the past knew how talented this boxer is, they probably wouldn’t have done so. Jane and her husband took the leap even though it was inconvenient and now they are happy they made that decision.

They got a gentle and attentive dog for it. Because of her deafness, Boombox is always focused on her owners and attentive enough to see them gesture and follow the commands.

“Other dogs in the neighborhood are barking, and people ask me how I keep Boombox quiet. I just tell them that she obeys.” Jane said excitedly. Finally, Boombox can fully settle in in her new homes, and the cannones are happy they made that decision to keep her despite all odds.