Couple Who Has Adopted 38 Kids Doesn’t Plan On Stopping Anytime Soon

Sep 19th, 2019

When Jeane and Paul Briggs met, they were in their teens. The two were attending a Christian summer camp. The two instantly fell in love, got married in 1976, and have always been together ever since.

Like any woman, Jeane always dreamed of becoming a mother to a big family. Somehow, she never thought that she would be one but with a much larger family than she expected to have. She and Paul have three biological children. Jeanne went to a mission trip to Mexico and this is when she fell in love with a blind, orphaned boy named Abraham.

So in 1985, the couple adopted Abraham. This is when they started to have a calling to adopt more children who need a loving family, which they rightfully deserve.

Jeanne is a nurse who would often receive calls from adoption agencies who are asking for medical advice on difficult cases. Most of these calls were regarding children who were abandoned by their birth parents. For children from countries like Russia and Ghana, most of these kids suffered from deformities and special needs.

Some of the children had severe autism, cleft palates, or a rare illness like Polio. Some of these children were aging out of the system and would soon have nowhere else to go.

So Jeane and Paul took one these kids into their West Virginia home. Today, the couple are already in their 60s and they have a total of 38 children – 32 adopted and 25 are still living at home.

Why do they keep on adopting children? It seems like Jeane and Paul are not planning to stop anytime soon. They recently shared how it is going on with their daily lives.

At seven in the morning, 25 paper plates with names written at the back with a black marker are resting on top of the large kitchen island of the Briggs home. They run a tight schedule every day, but they are not complaining. Everything on schedule needs to be followed religiously. Jeane has been teaching for years and she gets some help from the older children.

One of her biological daughters, Mary Kate who is 32 years old lives just nine houses down from her parents. She too has 11 adopted children under her care. She would bring them over to her parents’ house every morning for lessons.

Everything is scheduled – from the kids’ homeschooling, playtime, and even their nap times. They also have to follow a certain schedule to do the laundry. The parents make sure to chart every job like who is going to walk the dog, help with preparing the meals for the family, or to do some cleaning. This is the only way that they can stay sane with their over two dozens of children.

During her interview with, Jeane said, “We do have a system in place to help us take the burden off of how we manage these kids. I’m probably very OCD and need to organize. And the organization is good in a large family. The children, when they’ve come into the family, pick up on that. And they all know it’s necessary to be extremely organized or we’d have chaos.”

People will have doubts about how they can take care of these many children, but the couple said, “And we love them. And they know we love them. I have no doubt even the ones who struggle knows we love them.”