Couple With 38 Children Spend $50,000 A Year On Groceries

Jan 13th, 2020

How many children do you have? How much do you spend on groceries every year? Does it come close to $50,000? If not, then you should know that there is a family is spending about $50,000 on grocery expenses per year because they have a total of 38 children.

The number of children that a couple is planning to have is a decision that they never take lightly. Raising a child is extremely challenging. It requires a lot of money and a huge dose of commitment. There are parents to have one or two children because they believe that is the only number that they can afford.

Yet, there are others who want to have as many children as they could have. Just like Jeane and Paul Briggs.

Jeane and Paul wanted to have a big family, bigger than anyone would probably ever have!

When the couple was just teenagers, they met during a Christian summer camp. They immediately had a connection the moment they laid eyes on each other. They knew that they are destined to be together since that day. They just click together and they realized that they were beyond soulmates. What they have is more than that.

They were still young when they married in 1976. That early on, they started to build their families. And since then, they were inseparable. They never stopped adding more and more children to fulfill their ultimate dream – to have a HUGE family.

Jeane was the one who keeps this dream alive, but she never thought that the family that they would build would be this big. In fact, she never thought that this dream would turn into reality. She kept getting pregnant and having children with her husband. Soon, she realized that her desire for a much larger family was unending.

She wanted to have more. According to her, she had the calling to keep going, so she never quit.

The couple had three biological children. After having them, they knew that they wanted to have more. So Keane took a Christian mission to Mexico. While she was teaching others about Christ, she immediately fell in love with a blind orphan boy, Abraham.

She then told Paul about him and was able to convince her husband to adopt him in 1985. After that, they got addicted to adopting children and they kept seeking out for more to add to their growing family.

Aside from being a mother to her growing number of children, Jeane is also a nurse. She used this opportunity to talk with adoption agencies to inform her if there are children who needed help. Little by little, Jeane and Paul took more children under their care, most of them have special needs. Their home in West Virginia is always full of kids running around.

Now that the couple is in their 60s, they show no signs of stopping to help other children. They now have a total of 38 children including their biological kids. Out of the 38, twenty-five of them is still living with the elderly couple.

Yes, they have to spend thousands of groceries every year, but they never complain. For them, being able to help others is a blessing.