Couple, 105 and 100, Pass Away Just Hours Apart, Fulfilling Prediction

Mamédio Alves Magalhães and Ana Araújo Magalhães, a remarkable couple from Paranã, Brazil, who were married for nearly 78 years, passed away on the same day, just four hours apart, as they had predicted. Mamédio was 105 years old and Ana was 100 years old. Their deaths occurred on June 30, with Mamédio passing at 4 am in the hospital and Ana at 8 am at home.

The couple’s love story began when they got married on July 26, 1945, and they lived their entire lives in Paranã, a city located southwest of São Paulo, Brazil. Although they did not have children of their own, their love was unparalleled. They were instrumental in raising their great-niece, Ediana Quirino Magalhães, who regarded them as her grandparents. She shared that Mamédio had once told her that he would die on the same day as Ana, a prediction that astonishingly came true.

Mamédio, born in 1918, served in the Brazilian Army and later became a farmer, while Ana, born in 1923, worked as a cleaner and a teacher, dedicating herself to teaching children in the countryside to read and write.

Ediana recounted that the couple’s health took a turn when Ana was briefly hospitalized for pneumonia. During her hospitalization, Mamédio refused to eat or take his medication, and his health deteriorated. After Ana’s condition improved, she was allowed to return home to be with Mamédio. However, Mamédio fell ill and was hospitalized on June 29. He passed away the next morning, and Ana followed just four hours later.

Despite Mamédio suffering from Parkinson’s disease and Ana battling dementia, their love remained undying. Ana, even in her state of dementia, never forgot Mamédio’s name and would frequently inquire about his well-being. They were laid to rest side by side on their family farm, which was a fulfillment of Mamédio’s wish as many of their family members had been buried there.

The City Council of Paranã expressed condolences to the family and acknowledged the couple’s extraordinary love as an exemplar for others. Their joint departure, the city recognized, represented the culmination of their inseparable lives, and it was important to cherish the memories and legacy they left behind.

In summary, Mamédio Alves Magalhães and Ana Araújo Magalhães, a devoted couple married for almost eight decades, fulfilled a poignant prediction by passing away on the same day. Their unwavering love, even in the face of health adversities, stood as a testament to the depth of their bond, leaving a legacy that their community and family will forever hold dear.