Conjoined twin Abby Hensel revealed to have married US army veteran

Abby Hensel, a very famous twin who is joined to her sister Brittany, got married quietly three years ago. She and Josh Bowling, who used to work as a nurse and served in the army, tied the knot in 2021. This news comes from official records that the news team at TODAY found.Abby and her sister Brittany became well-known across the United States because they had their own TV show on TLC.

They were born in 1990, each with her own head, heart, and lungs, but they share the rest of their body. Each sister controls one side of their body, which means they are really good at working together. They can even drive a car and they both finished college with degrees to teach.Not long ago, a video on TikTok celebrated Abby’s wedding, and there was a photo of Abby with her husband on Facebook too.

At their wedding in 2021, the twins wore a beautiful wedding dress with lace but no sleeves, and Josh wore a grey suit. Now, they are fifth grade teachers living in Minnesota, where they grew up with their mom, who is a nurse, and their dad, who is a carpenter.

The twins are special because they are joined side by side and have two heads. This condition is known as dicephalic parapagus.They have lots of shared and separate organs: two spines that join at the pelvis, two hearts, two stomachs, three kidneys, two gall bladders, four lungs (two of which are joined together), one liver, one ribcage, and they share some of their body systems.

Below the waist, they share everything.When they were born in 1990, they had a third arm that was not fully developed and was removed when they were 12. They also had surgeries to help with their spine and breathing.