Concerns Arise For Joy Behar After She Took A Bad Fall Off Of Her Chair On An Episode of ‘The View’

Nov 23rd, 2022

Concerns Arise For Joy Behar After She Took A Bad Fall Off Of Her Chair On An Episode of ‘The View’

The 79-year-old co-host of “The View” walked out onstage as usual at the beginning of the daytime talk show. But as soon as she took a seat, she quickly fell out of her chair, landing hard on the floor. Her co-hosts hurried to help her up.

As she was lifted back to her feet, her co-host Sunny Hostin rose to Behar’s defense. She said, “Let me tell you, these chairs are dangerous!” and moderator Whoopi Goldberg exclaimed, “These chairs move!” as she spins the chair in circles, adding, “You touch it and you’re on the ground!”

Sunny Hostin also said, “It’s happened to all of us at one time or another.”

It was an embarrassing on-air mishap with a swivel chair but Joy Behar quickly turned things around when she said, “25 years, that has never happened [to me].”

Behar then followed it up by saying, “Who do I sue? My husband is home laughing, I bet.”

There is no doubt in mind that Behar is definitely a comedian.

The crowd can’t help but laugh and that slightly changed this somewhat awkward atmosphere.

But people are wondering what exactly happened there? That was quickly explained by the host herself. After she finally got settled into her seat, she said that she just went “flying.” Even Sara Haines noted that the chairs are really “high.” Then Goldberg followed up with a joke about how it “takes a glass of wine to get into the chair.”

Goldberg asked Behar if she was okay and she responded: “I just missed the step, as usual.”

Everyone was still joking around as the show continued on. Goldberg even made a joke that the hosts were emailing each other before the show and saying that Haines was to blame for Behar tripping, but this wasn’t true.

It was only a matter of time before the conversation turned to the more significant consequences of falling than just being embarrassed. They talked about how Bob Saget recently died from a brain injury he got from falling.

Behar said, “Well, you know, I fall a lot. The main thing, just to talk seriously, when Bob Saget fell, he died. If you hit your head and you feel dizzy or you have blurred vision or you feel like you want to go to sleep, go to the doctor because that will kill you. ” She added, “But I’ve fallen a lot. I fall all the time.

I’m a klutz. But this chair, this chair was like an exorcist. It was spring. ”

The incident quickly went viral. People started wondering if it was really an accident…

Later on in the show the women decided to clarify a little rumor that people were apparently texting them. Some assumed that co-host Sara Haines had tripped Behar.

“Today, I did not trip her. Today,” Haines said jokingly.

Goldberg then said, “She did not do it. All of you stop sending us texts, that’s not what happened.”

Behar chimed in saying, “I’m getting all these messages from people saying, ‘That’s a viral moment, you’ll be on Page Six.’”

Whoopi Goldberg then proceeded to demonstrate again how treacherous the chairs are. She then joked that everyone on the show hates them.