Clever 12-Year-Old Outsmarts Stranger Who Tried To Kidnap Him

Oct 13th, 2021

Kids are always taught to avoid talking to strangers. You might think that there is nothing that you can do if the persons’ mission is to kidnap a child. But if you knew how this 12-year-old outsmarted the stranger who tried to kidnap him, then you might want to know what his parents taught him on how to handle these situations.

Jerry and Tenisha Jensen,, a couple from Centerville, Utah, took the time to teach their 12-year-old son, Duncan, a simple trick to save himself in case someone would try to kidnap him. And when it happened, the parents were glad that they taught him this life-saving trick.

When Duncan was walking home from his cousin’s house, he noticed a car parked on a corner. The driver suddenly started yelling at Duncan. The man tried to lure him into his car promising him with candy.

The man said, “Hey kid, do you want some candy?”

Duncan refused but the driver got out of his car and ran after him. He then grabbed Duncan by his clothes and started dragging him back to the car. And this is when Duncan remembered what his parents had taught him. And the police agreed that what he did surely saved his life.

Jerry shared, “My son walking home had a little keyring in his hand and he was just playing with it, he had it in between his knuckles. He said, ‘when the guy looked back at me dad, I just – I gave it to him. ’ The guy dropped. My son just took off running up towards the park.

” He added, “There’s 1,000 different scenarios that could have gone differently. One little thing could have gone wrong and be a different story. We don’t even want to think about it. ”

Talking about the incident, the mother shared, “You never think something like this is going to happen and it will. It does.”

Now, the concerned parents are going public to share their sons’ story, encouraging parents to teach this to their kids as well. It might not be helpful for some, but it can definitely come in handy.

Another situation where a boy from Texas who was walking home from school was lured by a man into an SUV. But Daniel Whitecloud was smart enough to get out of the situation. This 13-year-old boy was walking home when a black Honda SUV stopped on the road next to him in Georgetown. The police revealed that it was a box-shaped vehicle with a dirty interior that smelled of cigarette smoke.

The man inside the SUV who was wearing a gray and yellow baseball cap with a dark, short-sleeved shirt told the boy that his mom instructed him to bring Daniel home. Daniel shared, “I thought he was going to get out of the car to try and snatch me, so I was like, ‘Oh my gosh this is it.’”

But Daniel is prepared for these types of situations. He did not believe the suspicious man right away. He asked for the family safe code word. And when the man could not answer, he did not force him inside the car nor did Daniel enter the SUV on his own. Instead, the man just drove away. The boys’ family believes that it surely stopped a kidnapping from happening and saved their sons’ life.