City Refuses To Let Veterans Be Homeless, Builds Them A Tiny Home Village For Free

Feb 13th, 2020

It is really sad to learn that many veterans have no place to call their home after they put their lives on the line for the service to their country.

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, there were nearly 40,000 American veterans in record who does not have a home. This is why the Veterans Community Project of Kansas City started a village. Their goal is to look after their veterans.

A group gathered together to build tiny veteran homes for veterans who are in need. They already built 13 of these veteran homes. Four of these are for families and the rest are for single veterans. Each of the tiny homes has everything that they need to live independently.

This tiny veteran house can give the individual a sense of self-worth. This home has its own combined kitchen and bedroom, along with a heating and air conditioning system.

We have to admit that many of those in the armed forces forget the basics of life. Like controlling their finances or carrying out normal daily routine such as preparing meals for themselves. This is why they end up having to deal with substance abuse that will eventually ruin their lives and leave them homeless and hopeless.

The Kansas City Project is planning to expand in the future. Their goal is to build 19 more homes and a community center for their veterans.

Many have questions raised about how this project can help some veterans with their mental struggles. The logic behind this project is that there’s no more need for them to worry about their daily necessities. This will give them a chance to focus more on their mental health.

A simple act like providing information about a health care professional is already a huge help for homeless vets and those who badly need medical help. With this tiny home project, one major problem is scratched off from their list of worries.

Some people are wondering where do they get the funds to support this project? Well, donations can really go a long way. One small complete home budget is about $15, 000. This is all covered by donations! With the help of others who have the heart to donate for this project, more and more vets can be helped.

St. Petersburg also adopted the idea of creating tiny homes for veterans. There are also some areas that use the small home concept to help not only the veterans but also the homeless. One is Springfield, Missouri. They have created a master plan that can help address this problem. What they did is convert abandoned trailer parks into a community of small homes in order to provide shelter for the homeless.

However, the tiny home project is not accepted everywhere. Just like in Los Angeles. A man attempted to provide a temporary housing solution for the homeless in Los Angeles. But instead of agreeing, many opposed to this idea.

One of them is the mayor who did not believe that these tiny home projects are the answer to homelessness. The man only wanted to build and provide homes for the homeless. They were being occupied but later on banned by the city.

Some people have their own reasons why they do not agree with tiny home projects. But what can be a better solution for the homeless?