Watch The Magical Christmas Commercial That’s Bringing Everyone To Tears

By E'vone Starks

Tis the season to be jolly…and cry your eyes out after having watched the most touching Christmas advertisement this year. With so much and hustle and bustle during the holiday season, it’s easy to forget to enjoy what and who you have around you.

While receiving gifts are great, the best present that many of us can give our loved ones is our time. Family members might be scattered across the world, friends may live hundreds of miles away from one another, and there are even couples who might be celebrating Christmas without their partner by their side.

Distance, however, shouldn’t be an excuse for why you didn’t reach out to someone you care about especially during the holidays. If the little girl in the commercial could invest the amount of energy that she did into sending a handheld telescope into space to the man on the moon, everyone can take a little time out of his or her day to show someone they’re loved—just like the advertisement said.

It was extremely heartwarming to see the girl work so diligently to reach out to the old man. She recognized that he must have been extremely lonely living on the moon by himself and so she racked her brain and experimented with several modes of possible transportation until she was able to find a solution that finally worked.

She sent the man a handheld telescope so that he could find joy in taking a peek at what the people on earth were doing. Eventually the man finds the little girl’s window and they wave to one another. The man was touched by her kind gesture and grateful for his gift. During that moment, he felt like he wasn’t alone—a feeling he probably hadn’t ever had.

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