Cher To Trump’s Family: ‘Not One Of Them Worth A Damn!”

May 3rd, 2021

Cher To Trump’s Children: ‘Not One Of Them Worth A Damn!”

Cher is once again making the headlines after her tweet slamming the current United States administration. Everyone is used to her rants about the president, Donald Trump. But this time, she directed her comment on his children – Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

On May 8, 2019, Cher shared an article from Bustle. It spoke about Ivanka’s brand that is reportedly procuring trademarks for voting machines in China. According to the article, CREW, a Washington watchdog nonprofit organization has found that Ivanka’s brand made this acquisition even though it was already shut down last July.

Because of this move, it could jeopardize her role as the presidential advisor!

Now, she has a direct influence on White House policy as well as the diplomatic relations. This business move could be considered a conflict of interest. A day after her first post went viral, Cher posted her second tweet. She aimed it at the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr.

Her tweet is a screenshot of Hugh Grant’s tweet. It shows Donald Trump Jr. with a cut tail of an elephant. Grant’s post reads: “Americans often ask me to define the British word “W*****”

This post had two additional pictures, one of a Guardian with a title that says: “Trump son’s hunting in focus as US lifts import ban on African elephant trophies. ” Another is a google search of Trump administration lifting the import of elephant trophies from Zambia and Zimbabwe to the United States.

According to the US Fish and Wildlife Services, they will evaluate having big-game permits on a ‘case-to-case’ basis after they quietly lifted the ban on importing elephant trophies from the mentioned African countries.

The memo did not specifically specify the criteria that they would be taking into consideration when it comes to granting permits. But people are speculating that President Trump has a big role in this decision, who previously referred to elephant hunting as a ‘horror show’ and suddenly stopped the efforts to roll back on the ban.

Recently, Cher is known to be a very vocal critic of the president on social media.

In fact, when Trump announced that he is considering having immigrants who came to the United States and illegally relocated, to live in designated sanctuary cities around the country. Now Cher reacted to this. She said that Los Angeles City was one of the sanctuary cities and it didn’t have enough resources to take care of its own. According to her, how can LA take more?

Trump responded to Cher’s comment saying that he once agreed with her. But the Grammy winner lashed out on him by calling him a ‘thug’ with a ‘lizard brain.’

A month before this happened, Cher also commented about Trump at the VH1 Trailblazer Honors. Cher did speak highly of the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi saying, “When I see Trump spew his hatred and tell his gazillion lies, I get pissed off but I also feel really uneasy. Then, I see Nancy come on TV and I think, ‘It’s all good. Nancy’s in the house.'”

Cher sure has her way with words. We love her as one of the music icons in this industry. She is surely using her platform to get her point across, clearly not happy with President Donald Trump, his family, and his administration.