Check Your Collection. Your Precious Moments Figurines Might Have Some Serious Cash Value

Apr 7th, 2021

Precious Moments figurines were very popular a couple of years back. People buy them because they are pretty decors and not because they can have long-term financial values. If you have Precious Moments figurines at home when you were little, then you are not alone.

Butcher was an artist person but in order to supplement his income as a minister, he had also taken up janitorial work. Since the release of the Original 21 collection back in the late 70s, Samuel J. Butchers’ model creations became a household decor must-have. His figurines were uniquely famous because of their teardrop-eyed children’s design. He designed the figurines to offer encouragement and comfort.

Butcher started this journey after someone asked him to design a three-dimensional figurine based on an artwork he had created named “Love One Another.” Since then, the company has been introducing new figurines each year.

When they stopped making some of the Precious Moments figurines models their demand did not die down. However, their supply was not enough to meet the demands that are why it caused their value to increase dramatically over the years.

It’s not easy to create a new figurine. The Precious Moments company admits that it takes about a year for them to create a new figurine – from concept to distribution. The models were exchanged as gifts back then, but today, they are considered collectors’ items.

Like other collectibles, the older the Precious Moments figure is, the pricier it gets. The value also increases if the piece is part of a limited edition. Some buyers are looking for its original packaging when buying a figurine. With the original packaging, it implies that the model is in better condition as it did not stay out in the open for years.

A Precious Moments figurine costs $15. But these pieces have changed now when it comes to their value. You might even get good money for these collectibles.

If you have the whole Original 21 collection, you could sell it for thousands of dollars!

This collection is considered vintage as they have been originally released in 1979. The priciest of the Original 21 pieces is the “God Loveth a Cheerful Giver. ” This model was inspired by Debbie, one of Butcher’s daughters. This figure has a blonde child with a bow in her hair holding a sign.

The model was priced even higher because the note that the girl held had a typo that reads “Free Puppies. ” It has been sold for $1,300 at one point. And there are also reports that the figurine has a value of more than $2,000.

Other highly valued pieces include “We Would See Jesus,” with an estimated value of $410, and “Making Music Together for 30 Years,” which is worth about $360. “His Burden is Light” can be sold for $130 while “Come Let Us Adore Him, Jesus Is Born” and “Unto Us a Child Is Born” can be sold for $170.

It is not just the Original 21 collection pieces that can have higher selling values. A Disney Precious Moments figurine featuring Cinderella and Prince Charming titled “Your Love is a Perfect Fit” can be sold for up to $100.

If you have Precious Moments figurine, you should check if it’s is part of the Original 21 collection. But be prepared to do more research since the company has released more than 2,500 models since it began in 1978.