Celebration Turns TO Charity After Chocolate Cake Kills 10-Year-Old

In Punjab, a region in the northern part of India, a sad event happened right after a 10-year-old girl ate her birthday cake. Her family says this tragic incident led to her death.

The local police are looking into the matter. It all started when the girl’s family decided to buy a chocolate cake from an online bakery in the city of Patiala for her birthday. But, after eating the cake, everyone in the family started feeling really sick, showing signs like they were going to throw up and feeling very nauseous.

The young girl, named Manvi, started feeling really bad right after eating the cake on the night of March 24, as told by her grandfather, Harban Lal. Manvi complained of feeling thirsty and having a dry mouth.

After going to sleep that night, she woke up feeling even worse the next day. Her family quickly took her to a nearby hospital.

At the hospital, Manvi was given oxygen and they checked her heart with a special test, but sadly, she passed away shortly after.

The family thinks something was wrong with the cake and they have complained to the police about the bakery that made it.

The police have taken samples of the cake and from Manvi to test them and find out what happened. They are waiting for the results.

The family noticed something odd, too. The name of the bakery on their receipt was different from the actual shop’s name, which made them think it could have been a temporary setup that makes food just for delivering it online. This kind of setup is known as a “cloud kitchen,” which means they don’t have a big kitchen but still make food for lots of people.

A police officer named Sarfaraz Alam mentioned they are keeping an eye on these “cloud kitchens” because the bakery’s name kept changing on the app Zomato, which is used for delivering food in India. Zomato hasn’t said anything about this sad event yet.

The family also mentioned that the local health department didn’t help much. They said it took five days before they could report Manvi’s death to the police. And when they tried to give a sample of the cake to the health department, the officer didn’t take it, saying they would only take samples from the bakery itself.