Cashier Sees Teen Going To Buy Six Coats And Stops Him Before He Has A Chance To Pay

Aug 3rd, 2020

It is not unusual to see people load up their cart in thrift shops to take advantage of the splendid deals that are being offered. But when a customer at a store noticed a teen buying not two but six coats, it got him curious. Why would anyone want to buy six winter coats all at once.

As it turned out, the teen wasn’t shopping for himself and when the customer found out why he was shopping for the coats, he was left impressed just as you would too when you learn why.

The customer at the Goodwill in Canton, Ohio where the teen had made the purchased was shocked by the answer he gave when asked for why he was buying the coat. As it turned out, he wasn’t shopping for himself that day, and all the six coats he bought was for the homeless.

The customer was shocked by such a heartwarming show of generosity that he decided to take a photo of the teen with the coat and even picked up the bill for the items which was $65 in total.

When the kind customer shared the story of his encounter at the store with his daughter, she decided it was something worth sharing online, so she shared the story on Facebook, and it was shared by “Love What Matters.”

Here’s what she wrote: “We don’t know who you are, Sir, but you deserve recognition! Keep being an amazing person! A lovely and kind young man… My dad snapped his photo while shopping, after asking him what the coats were for, and it touched his heart. We need more people like him, in this world.”

As expected the photo went viral, and the kind teenager was subsequently identified as 19-year-old Frederick white. According to the teen, on that particular day he just

“woke up, got dressed, came in, and just started selecting coats.” he didn’t think much of the encounter at the store until he saw his photo on social media “I was at work, and I was like ‘Oh my god,’ like they snapped a picture of me.”

Frederick explained that the inspiration for doing what he does is from his early childhood which he explained was a bit rough. “Basically when I was younger we really didn’t have much money, so it wasn’t like every year we could just go out and get a new coat, so I had to kind of stick with what I had.

” That perspective, he said, as well as “just helping others out and giving back” is all the motivation he needs to carry out his helpful plan.

The teen admitted that the idea of giving out coat wasn’t originally his. He had gotten the idea from a facebook post about how people would hang coats in different spots all around the city to help the homeless cope with the cold weather. “One good deed for each person. Just wake up and do something different.”

The Goodwill store was impressed by his show of kindness and as a reward gave him a $200 gift card which he can redeem whenever he wants at any of the Goodwill stores. We are almost certain that the gift will be going into helping more people in need as he said: “It makes me feel like it’s going to make an even bigger change for people.”

Frederick hopes that when others hear about his story, it will inspire them to do the same. We might be able to build a house for everyone out there, but showing them some love no matter how little will go a long way.