Camera Captures What an Alligator Really Looks Like Underwater And Video Gets Millions of Views Online

Sep 21st, 2022

Camera Captures What an Alligator Really Looks Like Underwater And Video Gets Millions of Views Online

Have you ever thought about what an alligator looks like while underwater? We sure have an idea when they are featured in movies. They have massive jaws, strong and sharp teeth, eyes that can see even under the murky water, and of course, their scary lunge toward their prey.

However, a TikTok video that’s now been viewed millions of times on Twitter will surely change your mind about what these terrifying reptiles really look like underwater.

Don’t worry because this video was shot in a safe and controlled environment. In the footage, it shows an alligator gliding along through a pool, with the plastic sides of the enclosure allowing viewers to see the reptile in its relaxed state. It sure does not look like the menacing prey that’s being portrayed in the movies.

Those who usually see sightings of alligators have witnessed these reptiles in their calm nature. And of course, there are other alligator stories that will surely make your skin crawl. It will make you want to think twice about going into unknown water territory.

That’s exactly what happened to Foster Thorbjornsen who shared his close call on Facebook. Thorbjornsen wrote:

“While walking in a park yesterday near my home in Seminole, Florida, I saw a large alligator floating in a lake 20 feet from the shore. He was the … biggest alligator I have seen in the wild (8-10 feet long). I stopped to take close-up pictures of him with my zoom lens, while he stared back at me with cold dark menacing eyes.”

“When I turned my gaze away from him to check my camera, he quickly swam to shore and charged at me, stopping when he was almost completely out of the water about 10 feet away from me. The timing of his charge was deliberate. He waited for me to turn and look away. It was nerve-wracking and intense.”

Later on, Thorbjornsen learned that the same alligator had killed a man not long before, at the same park he spotted it. He further wrote:

“It was only afterward that I recalled reading a story about a man being killed by a large gator in this same park only two weeks ago when he foolishly entered the water to retrieve his frisbee. This is a park frequented by families with small children who often go to the water’s edge. Definitely not the ideal place for a large aggressive territorial bull gator.”

Even though they are scary and unpredictable, there are people who still want to keep alligators as pets. On June 11, “Karen” the alligator had a close encounter with the Lake County Sheriffs during a vehicle pursuit. The department shared this incident on Facebook. They wrote:

The post shared that “the passenger, ‘Karen’ the Alligator, attempted to flee the scene, but was taken into custody after a short scuffle. Karen is not facing any charges at this time. We believe she was an unwilling participant during the incident, nor do we believe she was ever in control of the vehicle.”

Due to the incident, the alligator’s owner faces multiple charges. Also, he might not be able to get his pet back due to negligence and posing a threat to the community.

God I wish I was him

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