Camera Captures What Man Who Is Hired To Take Patients To Their Room Was Really Doing To Them

Jan 17th, 2019

It’s unbelievable what many people do behind closed doors. Usually, people do very bad things whenever they think others are not watching. Lindon Beckford has been doing some things in secret for a long time as well, but now his long kept secret is no longer a secret.

Unknown to him a Camera has been following him as he went about his job. His task was simple, he is in charge of taking patients from room to room at a hospital and he has been at the job for over 3 decades. Lindon works as a transporter at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Very few people knew that asides moving the patient, Lindon does something else for them as well. Behind closed doors, he gives them a little gift before going his way.

Hospitals are normally busy places and the experience there is usually frightening for most people. The doctors and nurses are always in a rush to get to someone else in trouble and so rarely get the time to do anything other than their basic responsibility for the patients. However, Lindon Beckford has learned that caring for people isn’t just about giving them drugs and injection.

And as you will see in the video below he has devised a means of helping people deal with the anxiety and tension of being in the hospital.

Whenever Lindon is assigned to a patient here is how he introduces himself: “My name is Lindon, and I’ll be your chauffeur. ” What a humorous way to tell someone you have been assigned to help them get by because they can’t do so on their own. Will are sure that introduction is enough to bring a smile to the faces of some of the patients he deals with. But that’s not all he does.

Lindon loves music and he has a beautiful voice as well. So before he leaves, Lindon always serenades his patients with songs to soothe their anxiety and worry and help them forget about their problems even if it’s for a short while.

The passionate caregiver has been singing even before he began working at the hospital and despite being a profession that gave less room for entertainment, he still finds time to tap into the power of music to lift the people around him in such a tensioned environment. Lindon’s “patient/audience” also seem to be responding well to his attempt at entertaining them as well. Many of them love hearing him sing for obvious reasons.

He has a smooth beautiful voice that anyone sick or not will still enjoy anytime any day. In fact, his act has become so popular that he even has people request to hear him sing sometime.

Singing to the patients makes them feel special about themselves. It takes away the feeling on loneliness and his voice alleviates their burden. We are sure that for many of them their stay in the hospital isn’t as burdensome as before after that. Lindon’s heroic act was caught on Camera and you can see learn more about him and see him in action in the video below.

Asides helping the patients, Lindon says singing helps him to deal with own issues as well. We think he is right. Music is indeed a very potent medicine.