Bride Unexpectedly Cancels Wedding, Donates Venue To Couple That Are Complete Strangers

Nov 20th, 2020

Sometimes, things don’t go according to plans and people sadly have to call off their weddings despite all the time spent preparing for it. While the whole affair might leave some people bitter and sad, one Texas lady’s decision to call off her wedding ended up becoming a blessing to another couple thanks to her kindness and goodwill.

24-year-old Kolbie Sanders decided to call off her engagement to her fiancé. They were scheduled to be married in the next few weeks and they had already started preparations including making payments for the venue which they were meant to use.

Since Sanders would be unable to get a refund of the $3500 she had already paid for the venue, she decided to turn things around and give it out as a gift to any lucky couple in need of a venue for their big day.

Sanders had just 24 hours to find a replacement so she went online and announced her plans on her Facebook wall hoping to get a response from anyone planning a wedding and in need of a venue.

“With my engagement ending, I’ve come to find tremendous peace in knowing that I did the right thing for both of us. With that being said, now I want to do the right thing by others and let some good come out of this decision. This is a long shot but since my wedding venue has been paid for in full already, I have decided to donate my venue valued at $3,500 to a couple to use for their wedding day.

” she wrote.

Her post went viral almost immediately getting as much as 750 comments and has been shared over 4400 times. Sanders had a long list of couples to choose from and without any sentiments decided to pick the lucky winner through a draw. She ended up picking Halie Hipsher’s name from the bowl.

“I don’t think it was a decision I had to make, it kind of just came natural,” Sanders told Today hosts. “The second I knew it wasn’t going to be my wedding anymore, I had asked the venue people if it could make this somebody else’s wedding.”

However, considering the fact that the details of the wedding were already set and the venue was booked for a particular date, Halie Hipsher and her fiancé Matthew Jones would have to plan a wedding within just a few days if they wanted to use the venue.

Of course, pulling off a wedding in just five days was no easy fit, Hipsher was still excited all the same. Her wedding was initially billed for next fall which would have meant that her grandfather who had been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer might not be able to make it to their ceremony.

With the change in schedule and everything happening within a number of days, Hipsher’s grandfather will be able to attend after all.

“I didn’t think he was going to make my wedding,” Hipsher said, “And so to sit here and think that he’s going to be here, it’s unbelievable, honestly.”

Hipsher got to know about Sanders give away of the venue when her sister tagged her in the post.

“I was in shock,” Hipsher said on Today. “As soon as my sister called me I was like, ‘All right, this is real, this is my name.'”

But to make a wedding happen, there were more things they would need apart from a venue. But fortunately, providence smiled on the couple again as many local vendors have decided to offer them services like makeup, photography and even food for free.

“A huge thank you for everyone that is donating things to make our huge day possible! And I give credit to this amazing woman that has the biggest heart! I will also make a post with everyone that has helped out!” Hipsher wrote one Facebook to appreciate everyone that is contributing to their big day.

The wedding ceremony finally took place on the 20th of October and even Sanders attended the wedding. At the end of the day, breaking up with her fiancé might have been hard, but at least a good thing came out of it all.

“These 3 people are the reason why good things come from making good decisions in good faith. This is why everyone should show acts of kindness to their neighbors, friends, family members, and especially complete strangers because you can end up changing the outcome of someone’s entire life when you stop caring about the outcome of your own.

So blessed to know the Hipsher/Jones family and beyond grateful to have been able to witness the best day of their lives. Your love and strength in life is beyond inspiring and I can’t wait to continue to see your love grow.” She wrote.