Boss Has A Hunch After Struggling Mom Misses Two Days Of Work And Rushes To Her House

May 14th, 2019

We hear so many inspiring stories of hope and perseverance these days, and Cassie Camilo’s story is surely one of them when a man came and changed everything in her life.

Cassie has been struggling for years, working different jobs to make sure that she is able to provide for her family. Cassie just lost her mom, she went through a divorce, and she was left with no money in her bank account. At that time, she knew that there are job opportunities in the United States. So she left her kids in Brazil temporarily until she will have a steady income.

It was hard for her to leave her children behind, but she knew that she had to work extra hard in order to provide for them. Cassie shared that her kids are aware that they were struggling financially. “I couldn’t give them everything I could,” Cassie said. This mom knew that leaving her kids will never be easy for them, but she has to something to change their life.

This is when she met Peter DeRosa.

DeRosa owns a restaurant and he hired Cassie to work for him. Aside from her restaurant job, he also helped her to find a second job so she can save up and meet her children again sooner. Right from the start, Cassie has always been a dedicated worker. She would always go an extra mile and her efforts did not go unnoticed.

DeRosa realized how she gives her all at work and he became her friend. He was always there when she needed him. DeRosa knew from the moment that he met her, that Cassie is a special lady. As his employee, Cassie never knew that Peter DeRosa would be a huge influence in her life and would be the reason that her life in the United States would change for the better.

“I like the way she worked. She’s the type of person that when you tell her to do something, the words weren’t out of your mouth and she would step and move. She always tries to go a little further, try to learn things…”

One day when Cassie called in sick, her boss and friend worried for her. He looked for her address and decided to go check on her. As soon as he arrived at her house, Peter could not believe what he saw – Cassie was so sick that she needed medical assistance right away.

DeRosa immediately brought her to a walk-in clinic. The doctor told him that good thing she was brought in because Cassie was in really bad shape.

Since then, Peter DeRosa became Cassie’s “angel.”

He helped her look for new jobs and she did find a good one. But DeRosa’s kindness did not stop there. He made sure that she would do well at work and he tried to help her in different aspects. When Cassie decided to take Engling classes, DeRosa supported her.

He said that he did not pay for everything, but he did his share to try to help her succeed in life. What impressed him the most is that, whenever Cassie has her free time, she would always read her book and try to learn.

We may face struggles and trials at times, but if we persevere, have faith, and do everything that we can to help ourselves, we will succeed in life.