Bikers Show Support To 10-Year-Old Girl The Day After Being Abused By Stepfather

Jan 13th, 2021

Child abuse continues to be the number one problem worldwide. And sadly, these kids are left helpless especially when the abuse happens without them knowing and in the hands of the people who are supposed to love and protect them from danger.

And for this little girl, her abuse came from her stepfather. 10-year-old Fa was a victim of severe abuse. And as soon as her mother found out about what happened, she immediately kicked her husband out of the house. But their problem didn’t end there.

An article shared by Bored Daddy says that the girl was left traumatized and everything that happened to her affected her mental state. It added, “Fa couldn’t eat properly and had a hard time sleeping as she feared her stepfather would hurt her again. She refused to take her clothes off while showering and her mother felt helpless in helping her little girl.”

Thankfully, her mother found an organization that can help her daughter. This is Bikers Against Child Abuse pr BACA. This organization offers protection and support for victims of child abuse. This club of bikers allows these children to get back to their normal lives without having to live with fear.

BACA commits to protect these children. To offer their support, some of the BACA bikers rode over to Fa’s house to meet her. They want to let her feel that they would always be there to protect her.

They would be guarding her house and promised that they would be available for her to call whenever she feels scared or just in need of someone to talk to. The bikers even gave her her very own biker jacket for her road name.

One of BACA’s members is 6’10” tall and goes by the road name, “Tree. ” He says that kids would always feel safe whenever he is around. And Tree loves the effect that he has on them. And whenever they go and meet a child for the first time, they make sure that they have the entire chapter with them.

Sometimes, they can be up to 25 bikers riding over to a child’s house together to show their support. Pipes, one of the BACA members says, “The neighbourhood wakes up real quick. ”

And when the kids first meet these bikers, they are usually shy at first. But after a few minutes, they would start to warm up to everyone and would feel a bit like a part of the group. And just like Fa, these bikers give the children their own road name and a jacket with a patch on it that shows that they are officially a part of the BACA family.

Then, the organization will assign two club members to regularly follow up with the children every week. They would check-in and make sure that everything is going well. They would also spend time to remind these kids that they will always be there for them and would never fail to help when needed.

The goal of the organization is not only to show the child their support but the entire community as well. They want the community to know that there are people who will protect these children and keep bad things from happening.