You Better Brace Yourself! Wildlife Experts Have Posted Photos Of A Fish With Scarily Human Like Teeth

Aug 10th, 2018

Brace yourselves! This ain’t anything like you’ve ever seen. Without question, the ocean boasts of the largest array of life than anywhere else on planet Earth and even the whole universe as far as we know it. South Carolina Department of Natural Resources proved this once again when they uploaded a picture of a fish which actually possess human-like teeth.

Like they say, there are plenty fishes in the ocean, but very few are as weird and also appealing as the recently discovered fish whose image was shared on Facebook by a set of wildlife experts working with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. As if the earlier photo was not surprising enough, they followed with an  interesting riddle with the caption posted on Wednesday May 9,

“You’ll need to have a salt water fishing license to catch me! I like to chill out near rocks, jetties, bridges and reefs. I also go by the name convict fish, simply because of my black and white Stripe.  The coolest thing about me!  I have human-like incisors and molar to help crush my food. I like shrimp and oysters just like you do.”

In response to the post, just a small percentage of people were able to correctly identify the fish. This is understandable given its rarity. The actual name of the sea creature is “Sheepshead fish”. This scary habitué of the water can reach the size of 35 inches and weigh up to 21 pounds.

The older the fish, the bigger its jaws get. Adult fishes with more access to vast array of food will have more developed and stronger jaws than the younger ones.

According to a report by the science ABC, this fish in question has a strong mouth with teeth similar to a human’s lining it. According to report Daily mail, Sheepshead bay located in New York is named after the brute fishes even though they are no more located that far north. South-West Florida is a place where they can be found in large quantities.

Also, the Atlantic coasts and Gulf of the United States is another place where they can be found. How they came about the name Sheepshead however remains a mystery, but it has been assumed that it might be because of the striking resemblance between the teeth of the fish and that of a sheep. Other theory assumes that it might be because of the fish’s figure.

A member of the Sparidae family, compared to other relatives where most are hermaphrodites, his size and shape seems perfectly ok. This means that they can assume either the male or female function at any point of in life.

Closely related to the Sheepshead fish is the Salema Porgy alias Dreamfish. The fish stripped in gold contains a chemical similar to Dimethyltryptamine. Located in the Atlantic,The Mediterranean and sometimes in the English channel. The dreamfish is identifiable by its golden stripes that extend throughout its whole length.

It is rumoured that the Roman Empire used them as a recreational drug of which the effect can last for 2-3 days. In contrast to the Dreamfish, the Sheepshead fish doesn’t contain any dangerous substance in its flesh. They have actually been rumoured as rather delicious. They enjoying staying in mangroves, jetties, reefs and pilings made of rocks. They steal fishing baits and the Adult ones go after Oysters and crabs.