Beautiful Wedding Goes Viral After Couple Only Spends $500!

Jun 22nd, 2022

Beautiful Wedding Goes Viral After Couple Only Spends $500!

Your wedding is one of the biggest events in your life that you must be prepared for, emotionally and financially. However, weddings should not break your bank either. That’s exactly what this LA couple has proven. That yes, you can make that big day extra special while still being as frugal as possible.

The romantic February wedding ceremony of this couple looked like it cost thousands of dollars. But in reality, they only spent a total of $500!

In an interview with Good Morning America, bride Kiara Brokenbrough shared, “Our goal was to just be as minimal as possible. And to spend the least amount of money as possible.”

Kiara explained, “I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a dress because I had the mindset I’m gonna wear this one time for a few hours.” The last thing that the Brokenbroughs wanted was to start off their marriage with a huge debt. An average American wedding can cost about $30,000.

To save on the wedding costs, Kiara purchased her wedding dress on a website where she only spent $47. She said, “Was it my dream dress? No ma’am, but no regrets on this dress decision at all.” And for the groom? His suit only cost about $100!

Kiara further said, “You have a wedding, with witnesses there to witness you, vowing to your spouse, vowing to God that you guys are going to stay together for life. And then you celebrate with food, drinks and dance. And that’s exactly what we did.”

She found a place where they could fit some chairs for the reception with a view that was for free. It was overlooking golden California hills off the highway. Also, they were gifted with items for the ceremony like flowers and a runner from the Brokenbrough family. Kiara’s sister also bought her drone in order to create a beautiful wedding video without having to pay thousands of dollars for a photographer and videographer.

Beforehand, she made sure that her guests were informed that theirs is not going to be a typical wedding. And of course, her guests were totally cool with that.

She said, “The people we have there, they understood the assignment, they understood the things that we were trying to do, and they really supported us. ” All they cared about was that two people in love are finally tying the knot and they are happy for them. “The energy was great, and people were just there to truly celebrate us.

When I got out of the car, I just ran because I was just so excited. I’m like, I’m ready to do this. ”

For the reception right after the beautiful wedding ceremony, they all headed to a lounge where they ate and drank and even did some dancing.

On her Facebook post, Kiara wrote:

“It felt so good to be around people who genuinely supported us and weren’t looking to be entertained. We wouldn’t have been able to pull this off if it wasn’t for the contributions of our families and close friends! It took a village and our village showed up!”

The video of the wedding was shared online and it quickly went viral. One of the videos shared was viewed more than 37,000 times. Now that is an intimate wedding memory that will surely last a lifetime.