Mom Discovers Baby Incredibly Balancing On The Crib While They’re Sleeping

By Meghan Scripture

Was is it about little kids? One minute they are as sweet as can be, the next, they are totally insane, turning to seemingly unstoppable creatures fated to destroy everything in their path. Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but after watching this video, we think it might be fairly accurate.

Take a look as one little boy does not like being in his crib alone, and he makes sure everyone on the block knows it. The video already has a spooky vibe about it as soon as we see it. Because it’s filmed with a night-vision Nannycam, we’re immediately flooded with memories of the terrifying 90s movie the Blair Witch.

Little boy Connor stands up in his crib and calls out for his mom and dad. Not hearing any reply, he naturally decides to scream a little bit louder. In order to be better heard, Connor climbs up onto the railings of his crib, screaming into the night with the power of something unworldly.

Continuing his shrill cries, Conner is able to stand himself up completely on the rails, but he soon starts to teeter and loses his balance, falling backwards into his crib. Worried that he might be injured as his cries have momentarily subsided, we are quickly assured that he is alright, as he now cries out in pain and shock, in addition to his general discontent.

While many toddlers seem to lead these double-lives as adorable innocents turned evil, we’ve never seen a kid display it quite as , um…passionately as this little boy. We just hope his parents have invested in quality earplugs- and considered putting him gymnastics!

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