Australia’s Oldest Painter Creates Dazzling Works Of Aboriginal Art

Australia’s Oldest Painter Creates Dazzling Works Of Aboriginal Art

By Regina Young

Art is one of the few things in the world that transcends different cultures, age gaps, genders, and class levels. Appreciation for the skill it takes to create a piece that speaks to a large group of people is something that can be cherished across time and space. What is more impressive than being able to produce this kind of content is being able to create masterpieces time and time again, even at the age of 105.

That’s that high standard set by Aboriginal artist Loongkoonan, who has produced award winning art pieces well into her 100’s.

Loongkoonan admits she was born in a time and in an area where births of native people were not recorded, but estimates she was born somewhere around the year 1910, making her one of Australia’s oldest painters.

There are over 380 works in Loongkoonan’s collection, each showcasing the dots of the traditional Aboriginal art that use acrylic paints on canvas and linen.

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The esteemed artist took up the art of painting in her 90’s as way to keep busy. Her art is inspired by her Aboriginal upbringing on a ranch, and the many years she spent exploring her country on foot.

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She uses the knowledge she has gained in her 100+ years as a tool for recording memories of her country and cultural appreciation.

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Loongkoonan is also the oldest speaker of the endangered Nyikina language, an additional skill that proves creativity and knowledge may truly be the secrets to a long life.

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We’re pretty sure that Loongkoonan has more artistic talent in one finger than we do in our entire bodies. We can’t wait to see what she has in store in the years to come!

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