Ashton Kutcher Needs Help

Jun 1st, 2020

A lot of times we tend to easily dismiss celebrities and brand them as self-centered divas who look out for nobody but themselves. However, while the truth is that there are a lot of celebrities who would fit that description, television star Ashton Kutcher is definitely not one of those people.

As opposed to splurging his TV cash on stuff he doesn’t really need or going on some exclusive vacation to some far island with Mila Kunis, his former co-star and wife, Ashton sends the bulk of his time standing up for children who need to be helped.

Now, he decided to speak about the plight of these children and how we can all chip in to help these young girls and boys.

Ashton is said to have found his calling in life when he came across the horrible, dark act of se trafficking. He was shocked when he learned of their stories, the abuse that is being done to them, and the conditions that they had to live with on a daily basis.

When he learned about this, Ashton decided to turn his attention to working, however, he can in an attempt to put an end to it.

When he was invited for an interview by the Today Show, he made sure to bring his personal mission to help save these children’s lives to light. As soon as he was asked by Kathie Lee Gifford if there was anything that they could pray for him about, Ashton came back with the most accurate response.

He said:

“Actually, there is something that you can pray for me about”

“I recently made a pledge to do all I can to fight sex trafficking. To that effect, I established a foundation known as ‘Thorn’ with my ex-wife, and we are working on developing digital tools that can fight sex trafficking.”

“So the thing is that just like everything else, the purchase and commerce of human and sex trafficking is happening online now. We want to build digital tools that will help to fight back against it.”

Ashton told Kathie Lee and Hoda that he feels a personal sense of devotion to these children.

“I told myself that I don’t want to live in a world where a thing like these are happening and I am not doing anything to stop them.”

As if it wasn’t enough for him to use his fortune and fame to raise awareness, Ashton and Demi Moore, his ex-wife, started an organization while they were still married. The organization was to help permanently eradicate online pornography and child trafficking, and the organization still operates to this day.

“We’ve already built a tool that will assist law enforcement agencies to properly prioritize their caseload, recover victims and locate some traffickers. Ever since we began, we have already made some he progress. For instance, we’ve identified and recovered over 6,000 victims of trafficking this year. We’ve also been able to find and identify over 2,000 sex traffickers. Now, my next commitment is to rid the Internet of child pornography”.

Even though Ashton could easily bury his head in the sand and act like he doesn’t see the plight of some of the most vulnerable people in the world, he decided to get actively involved.