Anti-Vaxx Mom Infected Candy With Son’s Chickenpox To Give Strangers ‘Natural Immunity’

Jul 31st, 2020

Chickenpox is an infection that is caused by the varicella-zoster virus. This can cause an itchy rash with small, fluid-filled blisters. This is highly contagious to people, especially to children who have never had the disease or have not been vaccinated against it. This is why every parent is encouraged to protect their kids against chickenpox through a vaccine.

However, it cannot be avoided that many are still against this. One of them is a mom from Queensland, Australia. But this mom believes that she has found an alternative to the vaccine.

This anti-vax mom is claiming to be a nurse. She gloated about infecting Halloween candies with her son’s chickenpox and give it to other children and this would give them ‘natural immunity.’ The mom bragged about the news regarding anti-vaccination. This is what she wrote on Facebook:

“So my beautiful son (name redacted) has the chickenpox at the moment and we’ve both decided to help others with natural immunity this Halloween! We have the packaging opening and closing down pat and can’t wait to help others in our community. If anyone else would like some for their children happy to send via post for $1 plus postage to your location.”

Her post was shared by Light For Riley, a Facebook page that encourages vaccination after their family lost their child Riley Hughs to whooping cough. Grey Hughes, the boys’ father, was outraged by the post of this so-called ‘nurse’. He wrote:

“How’s this: 1. Get excited by your child being infected with the chickenpox virus. 2. Formulate a plan to intentionally infect other people’s children unknowingly by distributing contaminated lollipops to the community on Halloween 3. Proceed to gloat about it on a Facebook anti-vaccination group.”

The outraged dad also continued to explain how this woman claims that she is a registered nurse and is employed in Royal Children’s Hospital, Brisbane. He also explained that there is a very good chance that this person is not an actual nurse, but just impersonating to be one.

He added, “It’s not often I’m lost for words but this just about does it.”

Addressing this concern, the spokesperson from Children’s Health Queensland said, “There are no current or former employees by that name that have worked for Queensland Health as a registered nurse. This is a serious issue and has been referred to police, who are investigating.”

The woman decided to respond to all the hate that she was receiving online. She wrote: “Dear internet trolls. You think you’re right by judging me and my trying to report me and get me fired. I don’t care. The health and wellbeing of my baby are far more valuable than any job. You say I’m vile and gross like I have done something that hundreds of thousands of parents haven’t already done.”

She added, “How many times do you see children dropped off to daycare or school when they’re clearly sick and contagious? Exactly! And I’m offering life long immunity for the price of a couple of blisters and a few days off school.”

The World Health Organization revealed that the anti-vaxxer movement was identified to be one of the top ten threats to global health in 2019. Because of them, they can put masses of people at risk of the disease.