Animal Bridges Are Appearing All Over To Stop Them From Getting Hit By Cars

Oct 8th, 2019

Plenty of animal species are in danger of extinction. For so many years, more and more animals die because of illegal hunters, and some are being forced out of their natural habitat. But there is one thing that is becoming a common sight anywhere you are in the world. These are helping animals overcome human obstructions.

When animals are on the freeway, there is a high chance that they would risk their lives if they need to cross the road. Though some people are kind enough to let these animals cross, there are others who can care less of these frightened and curious creatures. This is cruel. These animals just want to roam around its land just like any other living thing would do.

However, humans built roads and tourist destinations near or within the home of these animals. There is a lack of safety that we should all be aware of. These animals’ lives are put at risk. In fact in the US alone, vehicle and animal collisions cost $8 billion per year.

Some people think that the solution is to put “animal crossing” signs and to hope that drivers would show some care. But some just don’t. But thanks to this solution that is being implemented worldwide – animal bridges.

These animal bridges are overpasses that were specifically built as part of a freeway. More and more animals can be seen using this to cross the roads. Not only are they perfect for animal safety, but they also look amazing. You might not be able to appreciate its beauty while going through these bridges, but if you are up in the air, you will definitely be in awe of how beautiful it looks.

These bridges might be new for some countries, but this has been a practice of some places. In fact, they date all the way back to the 50s when France constructed the very first animal bridge. Ever since, Europe became the leader in animal bridge installation.

Holland now has 66 different animal passages. It is a small country but their efforts to save animals are impressive! Among these passages is the world’s longest animal bridge, the Natuurburg Zanderij Crailoo. It stretches across half a mile of railways, buildings, and rivers.

This makes us wonder if North America is also doing its part.

Yes. Canada and the United States have been building animal bridges for the last three decades. One of the most impressive in America is at Washington, the Nutty Narrows Bridge. Unlike the other animal bridges, this is made of rope and it lets squirrel cross the road too!

Canada also has its Banff National park. This is definitely an impressive one when it comes to animal bridge construction. It has 44 individual wildlife crossing structures all throughout the park. These structures help 11 large mammal species. Their idea is helpful because, since its construction, there has been over 80% reduction of animal and vehicle collision.

Australia has its own unique animal bridge. It is smaller compared to the other animal bridges but it accommodates 50 million red crabs during their migratory route every year. This is the bridge on Christmas Island.

More and more animal bridges will be opened in America in the near future. In fact, the Washington State is currently building one at the Interstate 90. So by the fall of 2020, the plants are expected to make the bridge more appealing to animals.