All My Children Actor, Dead, At 50

Alec Musser, who was in the show “All My Children” and the funny movie “Grown Ups,” passed away. He was 50 years old.

His fiancée, Paige Press, shared on Instagram that Alec had died.

“I will always love Alec. I am very, very sad,” she wrote.

Alec was found in his home in Del Mar, California. Paige found him and quickly called for help. The people who came to help said that Alec had passed away.

The officials said that Alec chose to end his life.

Alec was famous for playing Del Henry in “All My Children” from 2005 to 2007. He got this role after winning a TV contest called “I Wanna Be a Soap Star.”

He also acted in the movie “Grown Ups” with famous actors like Adam Sandler and Kevin James. Alec played a person who went to a water park in the movie.

Adam Sandler wrote on Instagram that he was very sad about Alec. He said Alec was a really nice and funny person.

Alec also acted in other TV shows like “Rita Rocks” and “Desperate Housewives.” He was also known for being very fit and liked sports like surfing and skiing.

Alec was born in New York City and grew up in several places, including San Diego. He went to college at the University of San Diego.

His fiancée is now the person he leaves behind.