Alec Baldwin Serving Time For His Harassment Charges

Aug 3rd, 2020

Alec Baldwin Is Serving Sentence For His Harassment Charges

Alec Baldwin is known to be one of the best actors of all time. However, people also know him to have an explosive temper. And this earned him a court order that requires him to take classes to help him manage his explosive temper.

This order came down after he pleaded guilty to harassment charges due to a 2018 argument over a parking spot not far from his home in Greenwich Village. The sentence was light even though this is not the first time that he was reported for public rage. The court gave him a non-criminal violation and a fine of $210.

60-year-old Baldwin’s role on a sketch comedy show, Saturday Night Live, and impersonated and President of the United States was a boisterous character. But at the court, he was awkwardly stiff and quiet as he was making his way down the stairs of the Centre Street Courthouse, a few moments after he was inside, listening to the prosecutors explain their review of the surveillance footage of the said incident.

He also listened to their review of the medical reports as well as the interviews that were held with the victims.

Instead of a more serious assault charge, the Assistant District Attorney Ryan Lipes said, “Alec does not have a criminal record, we are prepared to offer a harassment violation in the second degree.”

Alec was initially expecting to deal with a misdemeanour attempted assault and harassment charge for his heated argument with Wojciech Cieszkowski after the police were informed of the said incident that was taking place about a parking spot, not too far from Fifth Avenue on 10th Street. According to reports, Baldwin got furious of Cieszkowski after he moved to a parking spot that someone was trying to keep open for Alec.

Cieszkowski was already feeding the meter when Baldwin approached him and started an argument.

But to his defence, Alec said that it was all about semantics. The actor claimed that he never punched the other man. Instead, he said that he simply gave him a shove. According to the court files, Alec told the police that Cieszkowski was “an a-hole” because “he stole my spot.” Baldwin then admitted that he pushed the man who was then taken to a hospital after the incident.

After he was released, the reports show that Cieszkowski did not incur any serious injuries. And this was an extension of Baldwin’s self-defence which is tolled out on Twitter. Baldwin wrote that he doesn’t normally comment on false accusations regarding his private life. But according to him, “the assertion that I punched anyone over a parking spot is false.”

Cieszkowski was also requested for his comments regarding Baldwin’s claims, but he refused to give more information regarding the case. What he can only say is that the actors’ temper got the best of him.

Way back in 2011, Baldwin was ejected from a plane after he refused to follow the warnings about his electronic devices. Even though he was warned, he still kept playing with his smartphone. Then in 2014, he was once again busted for taking his bike down the wrong direction on a Manhattan street. Police said that when they arrived, the actor told them to go “f-k themselves.”