Abandoned By Owner At Supermarket Gate, Poor Dog ‘Wags’ To Each Passerby To Pray For Adoption

A person named Binh An put a video on the internet that showed a lonely puppy who always says hi to people at the door of a store. This puppy’s story quickly became famous because it was so touching. The puppy wags its tail at everyone who comes by, which made lots of people online feel really emotional.

In the video that everyone’s watching, the puppy is tied up at the front of a grocery store, acting like a greeter for everyone who comes to shop. It’s not clear why, but it’s super cute.

Whenever people walk in or out, the puppy wags its tail fast to say hello, and the people can’t help but come over to him. People would stop to say thanks and spend time playing with him. He’d look at them with sad eyes, wishing he could shake hands with them.

Even when he’s just wagging his tail, it’s enough to make people want to stop and pet him because he’s so adorable.

The puppy was left there by its owner, making people feel sorry for it as it looked around, hoping its owner would return. No one really knew why the puppy was so sad, but it made everyone who saw the video feel a lot of love and sympathy for him.

Dogs are some of the most loving animals, teaching us about caring, being responsible, and loving deeply. And for those who love pets, it’s well known that they can make us feel better when we’re having a tough time. It’s great that the people at the grocery store took the time to show kindness to the puppy.

Even if we’re only sad for a little while, a dog can definitely sense it. We mean the world to dogs, even though humans have so much more. Our pets love us a lot, especially when we spend time with them and show them affection.