68-Year-Old Nigerian Woman Gives Birth To Twins 46 Years Into Her Marriage

Jun 1st, 2020

Miraculous births can happen anywhere in the world. Some experience it through natural conception, while other pregnancies are from IVF procedures. But there are women who still can’t get pregnant after trying all possible options to conceive. This is what this Nigerian woman did just to get pregnant. But after the hospital announced that her IVF procedures were unsuccessful, the woman miraculously got pregnant with twins.

This might sound common for many, but you have to remember that this woman, Margaret Adenuga, is a 68-year-old Nigerian woman!

After three unsuccessful IVF procedures, the Lagos University Teaching Hospital announced that this woman has given birth to twins – a boy and a girl. She gave birth through caesarian section after 37 weeks of pregnancy.

Adenuga’s husband, Noah, is 77 years old. He explained that he and his wife were married in 1974. They have long wished to have children. But through their efforts, and after three rounds of IVF treatments, they were not lucky to have children. So imagine the shock that the couple must have felt after learning that the wife is finally pregnant.

Dr. Adeyemi Okunowo was the one who presided the delivery. She said that she had a team of specialists with her to monitor and assist with the delivery procedure. During her interview with CNN, the doctor said, “As an elderly woman and a first-time mother, it was a high-risk pregnancy and also because she was going to have twins but we were able to manage her pregnancy to term.”

According to the hospital records, the babies were born on April 14th. But the officials will still have to wait to announce the news to give the mother and her babies some time to recover.

If you think that Adenuga is too old to have babies, then what do you think about the 74-year-old woman who also gave birth to twins? It is believed that she is the oldest woman to ever give multiple births.

This woman is from Southern India. She has given birth to her first children, twin girls. Because of this, she became the oldest woman to ever give birth. Just like Adenuga, Mangayamma Yaramati also tried IVF after trying for years to conceive. According to her doctors, she gave birth through a caesarian section and had to stay in intensive care to ‘come out of the stress’ of giving birth.

According to her doctor, Mangayamma also tried IVF after her neighbor who is in her 50s got pregnant through this method. She also said that not having a child was a source of guilt for her and her husband. During her interview with the Times of India, she said, “People looked at me with accusing eyes as if I had committed a sin.”

Just to make sure, her doctors had to constantly monitor her health all throughout her pregnancy. The husband, Sitarama Rajarao said that they are the ‘happiest couple on Earth today.’

Dr. Sankayyala Uma Shankar, the director of Ahalya Hospital in the city of Guntur said, “Both mother and the infants are healthy and have no complications whatsoever.”

Both women are lucky to have finally given birth to the babies that they have been waiting for for so long. This just goes to show that being a mother does not have any age requirement. No matter how old you are, there is still hope of getting pregnant.