6-Year-Old Forced To Do Walk Of Shame After She Is Short $2.25 For Lunch

Oct 13th, 2021

Bullying is a huge problem at school. But the stories that we usually hear about bullying at the school premises are because of some children who bully other children. Little did we know that sometimes, school staffs are the ones initiating these bad habits. This is a horror story that every parent should know of.

‘Lunch shaming’ is a new problem that is becoming more and more well known these days. What happens is that, when students get up to get their lunch, they do not have any idea if mom and dad have already settled their accounts or not. The problem is, some parents are behind with the payments.

The result is, these students are being singled out. They are shamed in front of other students just because their accounts are not settled by their parents.

Instead of understanding their situation and just give them their lunch, some staff tells these students to go to the back of the line. This means that they would end up eating a basic meal.

This happened to a kindergarten student, Anya Howard.

Anya is only six years old. During lunch at school, she was told to put down her tray of hot meals. The cafeteria aide told the little girl that she did not have enough funds to buy lunch. That she is $2. 25 short.

Aside from Anya, another student was also told by the aide to do the same thing. Now take note that this happened in front of their 20 other classmates. The kids had to get to the back of the lunch line and wait. They didn’t know that they would only be waiting in line to have peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

When asked about what happened that day. Anya shared what her classmates did. She said, ‘They were laughing at us.” Every student saw what was happening and they were making fun of her and another student who was also short in lunch money. The little girl was put in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. She did not know how to respond.

This is why her grandfather is now speaking up about the problem of ‘lunch shaming’ after what his granddaughter experienced at school. Something that no child deserves to experience. This grandad used to be a teacher. Now he is demanding a review of the cafeteria policies by the district administrators.

According to the district policy, parents should ensure that payment reminders should be sent out if the account is below $5.

The grandfather, Dwight Howard also explained that the school should notify Anya’s family that her account was down to $. 10, which they never did. He added, “They waited until there was a dime left, denied her the opportunity to eat the lunch that she had (been served and tried to pay for) and then she had to go to the end of the line to wait for a PB&J.

” He added, “When she was talking to me about it, she was more than ‘sad. ’ I mean, that’s embarrassing for a little 6-year-old. ”

According to the district official, this case was following standard procedure. But Howard saw things differently. He believes that the situation could have been handled discreetly and ‘walk of shame’ for him is being humiliating which is unnecessary.